Flue gas sampling equipment

A technology of flue gas sampling and equipment, applied in the direction of sampling devices, etc., can solve the problems of no purging effect, unresolved filter element clogging, etc., and achieve good results

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[0006] from Figure 12 It can also be seen in the figure that the upper part of the filter element has a purging effect, and the lower part of the filter element (that is, the part fa...
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Method used

[0043] The first situation: the blowback air hole is located in the middle of the barrel. Because the air outlet end of the blowback air pipe 4 is connected with the barrel body of the outer cover 7-1 with a tangential structure at the blowback air hole, so the blowback airflow coming out from the air control part 201 forms a rotation in the air passage (i.e. in the circular tubular gap) Therefore, all blockages on the filter element can be blown off, and there is no dead angle that cannot be blown off, and the effect is good.
[0044] Second situation: the blowback air hole is located at the right part of the barrel. The back-blowing airflow not only rotates in the air passage, but also moves from right to left to form a spiral back-bl...
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The invention relates to the technical field of flue gas detection and analysis, and discloses flue gas sampling equipment. In order to solve the problem that blockage cannot be completely removed in the prior art, the technical scheme is provided. The equipment is characterized in that: a built-in filter (7) comprises a filter element (7-2) and an outer cover (7-1); the filter element (7-2) is a transverse cylinder; the outer cover (7-1) is a transverse barrel; the filter element (7-2) is positioned in the outer cover (7-1) and is coaxial with the outer cover (7-1); a circular tube-shaped gap exists between the outer surface circular wall of the filter element (7-2) and the inner side circular wall of a barrel body of the outer cover (7-1); the two ends of the filter element (7-2) are hermetically connected with or adjacent to the barrel body and a barrel cover respectively; and one end of a gas backblowing pipe (4) is communicated with a gas control part (201), while the other end is communicated with the barrel body of the outer cover (7-1) at a gas backblowing hole through a tangent structure. The flue gas sampling equipment has the advantages that: backblowing airflow is rotary or spiral, so the blockage on the filter element can be completely removed and dead angles which cannot be removed do not exist any more.

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Withdrawing sample devices

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  • Flue gas sampling equipment
  • Flue gas sampling equipment
  • Flue gas sampling equipment


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Example Embodiment

[0066] Example one
[0067] according to Figure 1 to Figure 11 The content expressed, the production of flue gas sampling equipment.
[0068] Drawing description: figure 1 Is one of the schematic diagrams of the device of the present invention; figure 2 Is the second schematic diagram of the device of the present invention; image 3 Yes figure 2 The A-A section view in, and has been enlarged, the enlargement ratio is 3:1; Figure 4 It is a schematic diagram of the filter element in the built-in filter; Figure 5 Yes Figure 4 Left view of Image 6 It is a schematic diagram of the connection between the built-in filter housing and the blowback air pipe; Figure 7 Yes Image 6 Left view of Figure 8 Yes Image 6 Top view of Picture 9 Yes Image 6 Right view Picture 10 Yes Figure 8 C-C cross-sectional view; Picture 11 Yes Image 6 B-B cross-sectional view. Description of the labels in the figure 1. Pre-filter; 2. Probe rod; 3. Mounting plate; 4. Back blow air pipe; 7. Built-in filter; 7-1. Outer cover; 7-2. Filter element; 20. Cover Shell; 30. Probe; 201. Air control parts; 202. Drive mechanism.
[0069] The hollow probe 2 has its left part set in the high temperature chimney, and its left front end is installed with a pre-filter 1, which is the first filter to block most of the flue gas dust, impurities, particles, etc. outer.
[0070] The right end of the probe rod 2 is fixedly connected with the built-in filter 7 housing 7-1 through the mounting plate 3; the right end of the hollow probe rod 2 is also communicated with the built-in filter 7 filter element 7-2 through the air inlet on the housing 7-1 .
[0071] The air intake hole is located in the center of the bottom of the bucket on the left of the outer cover 7-1, and the filter element 7-2 is fixedly connected to the bottom of the bucket in a coaxial manner (the specific fixed connection method can be: use adhesive, or use screws, or use Separate connection parts).
[0072] The bucket cover includes: connecting parts, a circular bucket cover plate with a mounting hole in the center, and connecting bolts. The connecting part is a cylinder, the axis of which is provided with a mounting screw hole, the outer diameter of which matches the inner diameter of the filter element 7-2, and the two are fixedly connected by an adhesive. The right end of the filter element 7-2 is provided with an indented step shape to form an indented circle. The diameter of the indented circle matches the diameter of the circular bucket cover, and the bucket cover is embedded in the indented circle. The connecting bolt passes through the mounting hole of the drum cover plate from right to left, and is screwed into the mounting screw hole of the connecting part, thereby realizing the fixed connection of the right end of the filter element 7-2, the drum cover and the drum body.
[0073] Description: a. In this embodiment, the bottom of the barrel and the barrel are manufactured as one body, so that the connection and sealing problems are solved together. b. For the round cover plate in the cover, its diameter is matched with the diameter of the indented circle. The matching of the two diameters means: it is necessary to be able to put the cover plate into the indented circle, and The gap between the two should be as small as possible to achieve better sealing.


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