Pneumatic mechanical claw for picking up bearing

A technology of manipulator claws and bearings, applied in the field of manipulators, can solve problems such as high cost, complex manipulator structure, and difficulty in manufacturing.

Inactive Publication Date: 2012-02-22
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[0003] The present invention is to solve the problems of complex structure, difficult manufacture and high cost of the existing manipulator for picking up bea...
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The invention discloses a pneumatic mechanical claw for picking up a bearing. The pneumatic mechanical claw comprises a triangular upper cover, three fixed arms, a flexible handle, a spring, a lever connector, a lever, a connecting rod and a flexible claw, wherein the spring is arranged on the flexible handle; the upper cover is connected to the fixed arms; the flexible handle is connected to the lever; the lever connector is flexibly linked with the lever; the lever is flexibly linked with the connecting rod; the connecting rod is flexibly linked with the flexible claw; the lever is flexibly linked with the triangular upper cover; the flexible claw is flexibly linked with the fixed arms; and the flexible handle is fixedly connected to the lever through a bolt. The pneumatic mechanical claw has the advantages of simple structure, reliable control, excellent moving property and convenience in use.

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Gripping heads

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EngineeringMechanical engineering


  • Pneumatic mechanical claw for picking up bearing
  • Pneumatic mechanical claw for picking up bearing


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Example Embodiment

[0010] The present invention will be further described below in conjunction with the drawings and embodiments.
[0011] Pneumatic manipulator claws for picking up bearings, such as figure 1 As shown, it includes a triangular upper cover 1, three fixed arms 2, a movable handle 3, a lever connector 5, a lever 6, a connecting rod 7, and a movable pawl 8. The movable handle 3 is provided with a spring 4, and the upper cover 1 is connected with the fixed arm 2, the movable handle 3 is connected with the lever 6, the lever connecting body 5 is movably linked with the lever 6, the lever 6 is movably linked with the connecting rod 7, and the connecting rod 7 is movably linked with the movable claw 8 The lever 7 is movably linked with the triangle upper cover 1, and the movable claw 8 is movably linked with the fixed arm 2. The movable handle 3 and the lever 6 are fastened by bolts.
[0012] Although the specific embodiments of the invention are described above in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, they are not intended to limit the scope of protection of the invention. Those skilled in the art should understand that on the basis of the technical solutions of the invention, those skilled in the art do not need to make creative efforts. Various modifications or variations that can be made are still within the protection scope of the present invention.


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