Speech auxiliary smooth acquisition method capable of eliminating shelter influence

An occlusion and smoothing technology, which is applied in satellite radio beacon positioning systems, measuring devices, instruments, etc., can solve the problems of being unable to achieve real-time intelligent judgment of the current situation, and cannot guarantee the accuracy of collection, etc., so that it is easy to carry in the field, Save manpower input and eliminate the effects of occluders

Inactive Publication Date: 2012-10-10
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For example, China Haida Surveying and Mapping Instrument Co., Ltd. applied for a utility model patent with the patent number CN201548683U in 2009. That is, the pre-recorded voice is embedded in the ...
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The method discloses a speech auxiliary smooth acquisition method capable of eliminating shelter influence. By using the method of the invention, the shelter influence can be eliminated and an accurate measurement result can be acquired at a place where the shelter influences satellite quality. In an intelligent speech broadcast method provided in the invention, after being processed through a speech processing module, GNSS information displayed on a user interface is presented to a user through a speech playing form so as to notify the information needed by the user or prompt the user to carry out related next operation. A friendly, convenient and concise interaction operation mode is provided for the user in field effect environment and the mode is reliable and effective. The method is characterized by: during measurement on the condition that there is the shelter, automatically identifying a working state of a determination system; carrying out language broadcast after self-diagnosis is performed so that data acquisition precision can be guaranteed and field work is high-efficient and convenient.

Application Domain

Satellite radio beaconing

Technology Topic

Self-diagnosisSatellite +9


  • Speech auxiliary smooth acquisition method capable of eliminating shelter influence
  • Speech auxiliary smooth acquisition method capable of eliminating shelter influence
  • Speech auxiliary smooth acquisition method capable of eliminating shelter influence


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Example Embodiment

[0013] in image 3 In the middle, the base station GNSS receiver 1 is fixed on the tripod 2, the external dual-frequency antenna 3, the rover GNSS receiver 4 is fixed on the centering pole 5, the external dual-frequency antenna 6, between the base station 1 and the rover 4. Communication via GPRS or radio communication.
[0014] in image 3 In the illustrated embodiment, the rover 4 measures next to the fence 7 or other obstructions. After the GNSS satellite is initialized and unlocked, it performs intelligent voice broadcast; at this time, smooth collection is performed, and then the height of the rover external antenna 6 is changed. When the instrument undergoes self-diagnosis , When it is restored to the trusted solution state; automatically broadcast the voice information, and finally filter out the points that do not meet the accuracy standards, and keep the points with the trusted solution; complete the collection.
[0015] Measure next to the building 7. When the satellite is initialized, a voice broadcast will be made to remind the field survey personnel of the accuracy of the instrument; when the solution quality of the instrument reaches the RTK fixed solution state, the voice prompts the survey personnel and the survey can be performed at this time.
[0016] This method can ensure that the accuracy of the collection point is still credible in the presence of obstructions.


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