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Method for measuring circular tunnel convergence deformation

The invention relates to a method for measuring circular tunnel convergence deformation. The method includes the steps of S1, by a three-dimensional laser scanner, acquiring the working base point coordinates and tunnel point cloud of each observation station; S2, using working base points as splicing datum points to merge the tunnel point cloud into a unified reference coordinate system, and segmenting into point cloud of a multi-ring pipe joint according to the pipe joint; S3, fitting the point cloud of a single-ring pipe joint into a cylindrical face according to an improved cylindrical face fitting algorithm, extracting pipe joint axis point coordinates, projecting the cylindrical face to a plane along the axis direction of the pipe joint to obtain a two-dimensional tunnel point cloud contour line, and fitting into an ellipse according to an ellipse fitting algorithm; S4, expanding the ellipse into a three-dimensional elliptic cylindrical surface along the axis so as to obtain the three-dimensional convergence deformation of a whole tunnel. Compared with the prior art, the method has the advantages that the longitudinal axis and convergence deformation of the tunnel under construction and the tunnel under operation can be acquired, monitoring point laying is not needed, high measuring efficiency is achieved, and comprehensive monitoring data is provided to tunnel construction and operation.

Automatic monitoring apparatus and method for layered vertical sedimentation and lateral displacement of roadbed

The invention discloses a road foundation layered vertical settlement and transversal displacement automatic monitoring device and a monitoring method thereof in the technical field of optical measurement. The invention adopts a technical proposal that the automatic monitoring device comprises a measuring and positioning unit, a laser displacement sensing unit, a laser angle sensing unit, a measuring signal control unit, a measuring data transmission unit, a central processing unit and a power module; and the automatic monitoring method comprises: firstly, assembling various devices; secondly, starting a pulling device, stopping the device when a positioning sensor arrives at a position of a magnetic ring, measuring displacement data and angle data, and transmitting the data to the central processing unit for storage; thirdly, restarting the pulling device, and repeatedly measuring and saving the data until a measuring tube contacts a limit switch; and processing all the data of the central processing unit, and obtaining road foundation vertical settlement and transversal displacement parameters. The automatic monitoring device and the automatic monitoring method apply laser measurement technology, improve the measurement precision and the measurement depth, and simultaneously realize remote automatic monitoring.

Horizontal arm type three-coordinate measuring and ruling machine

The invention discloses a horizontal arm type three-coordinate measuring and ruling machine, which includes a base, an upright column and a horizontal arm, wherein the upright column and the horizontal arm are made of lighter material, namely aluminum; all three shafts adopt two sets of linear slides; and the linear slide of the horizontal arm is mounted by adopting two mutually vertical surfaces, and an adjustable pull rod is mounted in the horizontal arm for adjusting the curve and deformation caused by other causes as self weight. The horizontal arm type three-coordinate measuring and ruling machine solves the problems in the market that the existing three-coordinate ruling machine has unstable mechanism, complex structure and high cost, and is complex to machine the parts and inflexible to operate. The shafts are mutually vertical and matched with the precise linear slides to realize the three-dimensional movement, so as to achieve the measuring and ruling functions in the three-dimensional space; and the three-coordinate measuring and ruling machine can support all sorts of triggering, analog scanning and non-contact optical measuring heads, and can be widely applied to the measuring and ruling of large mechanical parts as automobiles, motorcycles, excavators, ship engines and dies.

On-machine detection measuring head and detection system for numerical control machine tool

The invention discloses an on-machine detection measuring head for a numerical control machine tool. The on-machine detection measuring head comprises a measuring bar and a guide mechanism for guiding the measuring bar to make the vertical linear motion. The top of the measuring bar is provided with an elastic reset mechanism. The on-machine detection measuring head is characterized in that a linear displacement sensor is arranged at the position close to the measuring bar. The invention also discloses a detection system applying the measuring head, and the detection system comprises the measuring head, a signal acquisition circuit and a control center which are sequentially electrically connected. A numerical control system executes a measuring program to control a servo system of the machine tool to drive the measuring head to carry out measurement; coordinates of a point which is measured each time are timely transmitted back to the detection system; after the model detection is completed, the detection system carries out error compensation on measurement data; a spatial position and shape information of a measured workpiece can be calculated by carrying out corresponding operation on the corrected data; and the positioning and processing correction of the workpiece are guided by utilizing an obtained result. Auxiliary processing time can be greatly saved and the rejection rate of the workpiece is reduced.

Robot self-calibration method based on vision-assisted positioning

The invention relates to a robot self-calibration method based on plane constraint and vision-assisted positioning. The robot self-calibration method based on plane constraint and vision-assisted positioning is used for obtaining real connection rod parameters of a robot. Firstly, a robot kinematic model combining a D-H method and a MD-H method is established; secondly, a robot terminal position error model is established; thirdly, a robot connection rod parameter error model based on plane constraint is established; fourthly, images, of a constraint plane, in a left camera and a right camera are obtained through binocular vision, target point information in each image is extracted, the three-dimensional position information of the constraint plane under a basic coordinate system of the robot is positioned through three-dimensional matching; the position information is input into a robot control system, and the robot is driven to measure the constraint plane; and finally the measured data are substitute into the plane constraint error model, the real geometric connection rod parameters of the robot are recognized, and after correction, measurement of the constraint plane and recognition are repeatedly conducted until a precision requirement is met. The robot self-calibration method based on plane constraint and vision-assisted positioning has the advantages of being low in cost and high in precision and efficiency.

Three-dimensional laser scanning measurement method and device

The embodiment of the invention provides a three-dimensional laser scanning measurement method and a three-dimensional laser scanning measurement device. The method mainly comprises the following steps of: measuring the distance between each measurement point in a neighboring region of an initial measurement point and a rotary measurement head of a three-dimensional laser scanner respectively, calculating a next angle increment of the rotary measurement head by a set algorithm according to the distance between the each measurement point and the rotary measurement head of the three-dimensional laser scanner, obtaining a next measurement point according to the angle increment, and measuring the distance between each measurement point in the neighboring region of the next measurement point and the rotary measurement head of the three-dimensional laser scanner respectively. The method and the device can realize dynamic adjustment of the angle increment of the three-dimensional laser scanner when implementing scanning on the surface of a measured object, further realize equal resolution scanning on the surface of the measurement object, and improve the measurement efficiency and spatial measurement precision of the three-dimensional laser scanner.

Shortwave transmitting antenna three-dimensional directional diagram aerial mobile measurement system and method

The invention discloses a shortwave transmitting antenna three-dimensional directional diagram aerial mobile measurement system and method. The system comprises a field intensity measurement system which is composed of a loop antenna and a field intensity instrument host and an unmanned aerial vehicle platform and other parts. Computation is performed by a field intensity signal preprocessing module, a standard directional diagram computing submodule, a spatial spectrum processing submodule, a digital beam forming submodule and a transmitting antenna calibration factor computing submodule. The omnidirectional loop antenna is mainly adopted to measure field intensity signals, acquire and store the field intensity signals and preprocess the field intensity signals, then the signals are further processed through the spatial spectrum estimation technology, and finally testing is performed on the unmanned aerial vehicle platform. The index is provided for assessment of a shortwave transmitting antenna directional diagram, and online automatic monitoring of the antenna directional diagram can be realized without influencing the real-time performance and the effectiveness of the shortwave transmitting antenna so that the system and the method have the characteristics of being simple in equipment and convenient to operate.

Online automatic measuring system for environment air quality based on low-temperature condensing method sampling

The invention belongs to the measurement technical field of atmosphere environment quality, which specifically relates to an online automatic measuring system for environment air quality based on low-temperature condensing method sampling. The system is composed of a low-temperature condensing sampling system and an analyzing system; the low-temperature condensing sampling system comprises a drying pipe, an electronic cold trap and a low-temperature low trap that are connected in turn; the drying pipe is connected with an air inlet pipeline for removing vapor and condensing the environment air sample at low temperature; the analyzing system comprises a light source, a sampling battery, an optical spectrum instrument and a computer; the analyzing system splits and detects the air condensed by the sampling system through the optical spectrum instrument by the ultraviolet function from the light source and then analyzes the air by the computer. The system is high in integrated degree and measuring efficiency, which is suitable for continuous, real-time and online measurement of various pollutants of atmosphere environment (including sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, ammonia, formaldehyde and part of benzene series) in environment air.

Automatic iron tower inclination angle measuring method based on machine vision system

The invention provides an automatic iron tower inclination angle measuring method based on a machine vision system. The machine vision system comprises an unmanned aerial vehicle carrier, a visual light camera and an identifier measuring device. The automatic measuring method based on the machine vision system comprises the steps that 1, the unmanned aerial vehicle carrier flies to a designated preset position under the control of a flight control system; 2, after the unmanned aerial vehicle carrier flies to the preset position, unmanned aerial vehicle carrier posture adjustment is performed; 3, after the unmanned aerial vehicle carrier reaches a predetermined posture, the visual light camera shoots images, an onboard embedded processor repeatedly reads the shot images and detects red round identifying plates at the upper and lower position of an iron tower; 4, after the two red round identifying plates are successively detected, the onboard embedded processor calculates the inclination angle eta of the iron tower. The visual light camera is carried by utilizing the unmanned aerial vehicle carrier, measurement of the iron tower inclination angle can be automatically completed, the working strength of measurement is reduced, and meanwhile the measurement efficiency is improved.

Interference type double-imaging measurement device for multi-parameters of liquid crystal spatial light modulator

InactiveCN101556386AMeet the requirements of multi-parameter measurementAvoid errorsTesting optical propertiesNon-linear opticsElectricityMeasurement device
An interference type double-imaging measurement device for multiple parameters of a liquid crystal spatial light modulator relates to the technical field of photo-electricity test. The invention solves the problem that the characteristic parameter measurement device of the existing liquid crystal spatial light modulator can not satisfy the requirement of multi-parameters measurement. By introducing a double-imaging system in a Twyman-Green interference light path, the invention integrates the double light path interference and common path interference into a device. Input light enters in a first dispersion prism through a beam expanding lens and a polarizer. Transmitted light is modulated and reflected by the liquid crystal spatial light modulator and then reflected by a reflecting mirror through a shutter. The two-way lights enter in a second imaging system through a second dispersion prism after passing through the first dispersion prism and an analyzer. After reflected by the liquid crystal spatial light modulator, the transmitted light can also directly enter in a first imaging system through the first dispersion prism, the analyzer and the second dispersion prism. The invention realizes the measurement of multi-parameters by using the double-imaging system to respectively detect phase and strength. The measurement device is applicable to the measurement process of multi-parameters of the liquid crystal spatial light modulator.

Method for automatic collimation of cubic mirror based on machine vision

InactiveCN104613929ARealize automatic collimation guidance functionReduce dependenceSurveying instrumentsPicture taking arrangementsTheodoliteMachine vision
The invention discloses an automatic guide method for collimation measurement of a cubic mirror based on machine vision. The method comprises the following steps: rotating an industrial camera together with a theodolite, keeping the relative position relationship unchanged, controlling the camera to collect an image of a cubic mirror to be measured, identifying the cubic mirror by image processing, extracting corner points of the cubic mirror, and obtaining the coordinate values of the corner points under an image coordinate system; establishing a mathematical model of a camera coordinate system, a cubic mirror coordinate system and a theodolite coordinate system, performing coordinate transformation and calculating the position of an intersection of a normal line of a mirror surface to be measured of the cubic mirror and a movement plane of the theodolite under the mathematical model, controlling the theodolite to move to the position of the intersection, and adjusting the posture of the theodolite according to the normal direction of the mirror surface to be measured of the cubic mirror, so that the normal direction of the mirror surface to be measured of the cubic mirror moves into the range of field of view of the theodolite, and the automatic collimation of the cubic mirror is implemented on the basis of the automatic theodolite collimation step for image identification.

Ground feature contour extraction method based on ground laser point cloud

According to a ground feature contour extraction method based on a ground laser point cloud provided by the invention, surface-based space measurement breaking through a traditional single-point measurement mode is introduced into urban measurement application, and the urban measurement efficiency is improved. As the most important space entity of a city, the three-dimensional information of ground objects, especially buildings, is the important basic geographic information of the city and has important application value. The whole scanning process is high in data acquisition efficiency, ground control points do not need to be specially arranged, scanning measurement is slightly influenced by the external environment, and the measurement precision is high. Not only is automation degree ofbuilding space data acquisition improved, but also scanned point cloud can express real three-dimensional information and detail structure of a building in detail. Accurate contour information is acquired by means of the point cloud data, and a three-dimensional model of the building is reconstructed. The method has the advantages of high interaction performance, high intelligent degree, high expandability, high extraction speed, high contour extraction precision and the like.
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