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Abutting technological equipment of airplane large components and abutting method thereof

The invention belongs to the technology of airplane abutting, and relates to abutting technological equipment of airplane large components and an abutting method thereof. The abutting technological equipment of the airplane large components disclosed by the invention consists of a fixed part and a movable part, wherein the fixed part comprises a reference flat plate, a main landing gear technological support frame and a plurality of reinforced frame support frames; the movable part comprises a ground rail, a body front section railway car, a locking and positioning device and a centering device, wherein a car body is arranged on the ground rail, the centering device used for preventing the front section from rolling is arranged at the support frame of the car body, and the locking and positioning device is arranged at an abutting surface. When the front section and the middle section of an airplane are abutted via the abutting technological equipment, the position of the middle section is firstly fixed, then the front section is adjusted, and then accurate abutting of the front section and the middle section is realized through railway movement so as to perform subsequent riveting work. According to the abutting technological equipment of the airplane large components and the abutting method thereof, the abutting difficulty and potential safety hazard of the airplane large components are greatly reduced, the manufacturing efficiency and the abutting quality are improved, and the abutting precision of products is effectively ensured.

Aircraft component digitized flexible assembling measuring method based on laser tracking measuring technique

InactiveCN103434653AFacilitate assembly measurement simulationAircraft assemblyControl systemSimulation
Provided is an aircraft component digitized flexible assembling measuring method based on a laser tracking measuring technique. The assembling measuring method comprises the following steps of (1) carrying out preparation work of assembling measurement, (2) carrying out work of the assembling measurement, and (3) carrying out parallel collaborative measurement in real time. The aircraft component digitized flexible assembling measuring method based on the laser tracking measuring technique relates to the combination of an assembling technique and the measuring technique, the theoretical position information of engineering data concentrated product digital analogy is compared with the coordinates, obtained by a laser tracking instrument in real time, of reference points of assembly parts to form positional deviation, the positional deviation is transmitted to a movement control system, the movement control system generates tool pose control instructions by analyzing the positional deviation and transmits the tool pose control instructions to a flexible tool, the flexible tool drives a workpiece to adjust poses together, and through the coordinated operation of the movement control system, the flexible tool and the workpiece, a closed loop control system is formed to complete the assembling work. The aircraft component digitized flexible assembling measuring method based on the laser tracking measuring technique has good practical value and wide application prospect in the laser tracking measuring technique and the aircraft digitalized assembling field.

Multitask aircraft auxiliary assembly system based on industrial robot

InactiveCN101357687ARealize the auxiliary assembly operation functionGuaranteed compactnessAircraft assemblyProduction linePunching
The invention discloses a multi-mission aircraft auxiliary assembly system on the basis of an industrial robot, comprising crossing movable platforms which are symmetrically arranged at two sides of an aircraft shaft movable platform, an industrial robot, a tool garbage, a traveling lifting operation platform and a compacting mechanism, and a target installation flange and a took quick replacing device which are arranged at the end flange of the robot. The crossing movable platform comprises an upper layer of platforms and a lower layer of platforms and can move along the flight course and the wing extension direction of the aircraft; the movable industrial robot faces to the aircraft shaft when at the zero position; the tool garbage is arranged at the rear side of the robot; the operation tools hang inside the tool garbage according to codes and the automatic replacement of the tools is realized by the tool quick replacing device; the operation flow control and state monitoring of the whole system are carried out by a robot operation platform; the multi-mission aircraft auxiliary assembly system can be applied to the aircraft automation, flexible assembly production line, and completes the auxiliary assembly operation missions such as taking and positioning of system part, bore preparing of part butting surface, plane milling, punching of measuring points, etc.

Engine demounting and mounting trailer

The invention relates to an engine demounting and mounting trailer. According to the technical scheme, the trailer is composed of a mounting vehicle, a demounting and mounting platform and a hydraulic system. The mounting vehicle comprises a walking mechanism, two lifting mechanisms, a transverse moving mechanism and a guide rail mechanism. The two lifting mechanisms are installed at the two ends of the walking mechanism respectively and drive the transverse moving mechanism to ascend or descend, and the transverse moving mechanism drives the guide rail mechanism to move. The mounting vehicle and the demounting and mounting platform are movably connected through the guide rail mechanism. The demounting and mounting platform comprises a platform, a longitudinal sliding guide rail, a carriage, a bracket, a main fixing supporting piece, an auxiliary fixing supporting piece, a bearing outrigger, an adjusting pull rod and a traction device. The lifting mechanisms are controlled by the hydraulic system. The trailer is simple in operation, the position of an engine conveying device can be adjusted on the X axis, the Y axis and the Z axis in six directions, forward movement, backward movement, transverse movement, ascent, descent and rolling movement can be achieved, and therefore the requirements for separating and matching of butt joint working faces are met.

Method and system for fabricating, equipping and outfitting an aircraft fuselage

A fuselage is substantially simultaneously fabricated, equipped and outfitted in an assembly area including adjacent riveting, equipping and outfitting zones. The riveting zone includes an external riveting apparatus working from the outside of the aircraft fuselage, and an internal riveting apparatus working from the inside of the fuselage to fabricate and join a first fuselage section to an initial structure. The first fuselage section is moved from the riveting zone into an equipping zone, wherein equipment, such as pipes, ducts, hoses, pumps, blowers and structural components and fittings of the aircraft, is installed in the first fuselage section, while simultaneously a second fuselage section is being rivet-joined onto the first fuselage section in the riveting zone. The second fuselage section is moved from the riveting zone into the equipping zone, and the first fuselage section is moved from the equipping zone into the outfitting zone. Equipment is installed in the second fuselage section in the equipping zone, while outfitting components such as electrical cable bundles, insulation blankets, wall paneling, floors, furnishings, and cabin fittings are installed in the first fuselage section in the outfitting zone. Next, the fuselage being formed is shifted so that the second fuselage section moves from the equipping zone into the outfitting zone, while a third fuselage section is joined onto the second fuselage section in the riveting zone.

Assembly method of leading edge flap based on laser measuring technique

The invention provides an assembly method of a leading edge flap based on a laser measuring technique, which comprises the following thirteen steps: 1, detecting the operating condition of an assembling platform and the initial position of an assembly unit; 2, leading in necessary data from a data processing center and generating a corresponding numerical control program; 3, measuring four publicmeasuring points by using a laser tracker; 4, inputting the measured data into the data processing center and calculating to obtain the transformation matrix converted by the coordinate of the measured data; 5, assembling and positioning a hinge; 6, pre-assembling a wing spar; 7, pre-assembling and positioning a wing rib; 8, connecting the wing spar with the wring rib and connecting the wing sparwith the hinge by fasteners; 9, assembling and positioning a skin; 10, connecting a leading edge proximate matter with each wing rib, connecting upper and lower skins and each wing rib with the leading edge proximate matter; 11, taking down the assembled leading edge flap component from the assembling platform; 12, detecting a pneumatic shape; and 13, analyzing the precision of the pneumatic shape. The method realizes the digitalization, atomization and flexibility of assembling the leading edge flap and has application prospect in the manufacture of airplanes.
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