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A blind hole is a hole that is reamed, drilled, or milled to a specified depth without breaking through to the other side of the workpiece. A through hole is a hole that is made to go completely through the material of an object. In other words, a through hole is a hole that goes all the way through something. ...

Graft fixation using a screw or plug against suture or tissue

A method for securing soft tissue to bone with excellent pull-out strength which does not require the surgeon to tie suture knots to secure the tissue to the bone. A blind hole or socket is created in the bone at the location the graft is to be secured. Preferably, suture is then passed through the graft at desired points. A cannulated driver is pre-loaded with a cannulated plug or screw slidably disposed onto the distal portion of the driver. In a preferred embodiment, a separate piece of suture is passed through the cannula of the driver with a loop end of that suture exposed at the distal end of the driver. The ends of the suture attached to the graft are fed through the suture loop at the end of the driver. Alternatively, the graft itself may be fed through the suture loop, in which case it is not necessary to attach suture through the graft. In another embodiment, the suture loop exposed at the distal end of the cannula of the driver may be omitted, and the sutures attached to the graft may then be fed through the driver cannula from the distal end to position the graft relative to the driver. The driver is inserted into the hole with the screw or plug just outside the hole. Tension is then placed on the suture. Once adequate tension is achieved on the suture, the driver is pressed into the hole, which engages the first thread or bump of the screw or plug on the bone. The screw or plug is then fully advanced into the hole using the driver. When the screw or plug is fully inserted, the suture loop is freed and the driver is removed. The loose ends of the sutures protruding from the anchor site can be cleaned up by clipping them short.

Cancellous constructs, cartilage particles and combinations of cancellous constructs and cartilage particles

InactiveUS20090319045A1Enhancing chondrogenesisMitigating fibrous tissue formationBone implantSurgerySubchondral boneChondral defect
Constructs that are at least partially constructed of allograft cancellous bone are disclosed, along with cartilage particles that may be used with the constructs for repairing articular cartilage defects. A multi-piece construct includes a base member, a cap member and at least one pin that secures the cap member to the base member. The base member may be constructed of mineralized cancellous bone, and is used to replace the subchondral bone removed when a surgeon cuts a bore in the area of an adjacent cartilage defect. The base member includes a blind bore and first and second through-going transverse bores in opposite sides of a wall of the base member. The cap member includes an upper section that has a thickness that is similar to that of a patient's surrounding articular cartilage layer and a stem depending from the upper section that is dimensioned to be received in and by the blind bore of the base member. The stem includes a transverse through-going bore, which may be aligned with the transverse through-going bores of the base member to receive the pin therein when the construct has been assembled. The cap member is at least partially formed of demineralized allograft cancellous bone, into which a mixture containing lyophilized, freeze-milled allograft cartilage particles may be infused for the repair of articular cartilage defects. The cartilage particles have a size within a range of from about 10 microns to about 210 microns.

Process for treating through wafer interconnection construction

The invention discloses a through wafer interconnect structure processing method comprising: 1. etching a blind hole on a substrate; 2. etching a pattern dielectric substance layer on the substrate; 3. etching the pattern dielectric substance layer and the dielectric material at the bottom of the blind hole, keeping the dielectric material of a blind hole side wall; forming a dielectric substance hole on the substrate; 4. depositing a layer of conductive material on the dielectric substance hole and forming a conductive hole; 5. re-depositing a layer of pattern dielectric substance on the conductive layer and filling the conductive hole; 6. etching the back side of the plate to expose the conductive layer and forming a solder micro-convex point on the conductive layer, wherein the pattern dielectric substance material is preferable poly-p-xylene. The invention simplifies the process steps, reduces the process time and the cost; depresses a parasitic capacitance by using two layers of the pattern dielectric substance layers, improves a interconnect electrical behavior, suits for the high speed and RF three-dimensional interconnection structure; releases the thermal mismatch between the conductive material and the silicon and greatly reduces the thermal mechanical stress.

Floating type train brake pad capable of replacing friction block

The invention discloses a brake pad which is applied to a disc type brake system of a high-speed train. A friction block constituted by the brake pad can be flexibly replaced. The brake pad comprises a brake pad back plate which is made of a metal material, an elastic supporting sheet, the friction block and a circular spring clamp, wherein the elastic supporting sheet is provided with a spherical supporting surface and a central guide hole; the lower part of the friction block is provided with a spherical supporting surface and a positioning and connecting shaft which is provided with a clamping groove; the connecting shaft can penetrate through the central guide hole and a back plate positioning hole of the elastic supporting sheet and is locked on the back plate by the circular spring clamp to realize floating connection; the friction block is provided with a polygonal block with a blind hole in the center; and every three friction blocks form an interlocking group, so that the rotation of the friction block during working of the brake pad is prevented. The brake pad can achieve the maximum contact friction area of the brake pad and a brake disc in a train braking process, so that the braking process is stable and the brake pad has the functions of damping, vibration reduction, noise reduction, heat dissipation and the like. The friction block is easy to replace, so that the train operation cost is lowered.

Shell making method for deep blind hole of precision casting

The invention discloses a shell making method for a deep blind hole of a precision casting. The method comprises the following steps of: making a wax pattern module; coating the module to make a shell; sequentially coating a surface layer, a transition layer, a third layer and a fourth layer; after coating the third layer or fourth layer, performing air drying until the shell is completely dried; stirring silica sol zircon powder slurry and mullite sand according to a mass ratio of 4:(6-6.5) into paste to obtain filling; pouring the filling into the position of the deep blind hole of the casting; then aligning the deep blind hole of the casting with a fan for forced air drying until the deep blind hole of the casting is completely dried; continuously reinforcing according to the casting size until the required layer number of the shell is obtained; and dewaxing to obtain a corresponding shell. The shell making method for a deep blind hole of a precision casting, disclosed by the invention, is simple and convenient to operate, effectively solves the difficulty in shell making for a shell deep blind hole of a precision casting, enhances the strength of the shell at the deep blind hole, greatly reduces the defects of breakage, deviation and the like of the shell at the deep blind hole, realizes an obvious effect and fundamentally guarantees the delivery time of the products for customers.
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