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Automatic alarm invisible connection interlocking double-key anti-theft lock

The invention discloses an automatic alarm invisible connection interlocking double-key anti-theft lock. A fixed contact is arranged on a lock body or a fixed shell of the anti-theft lock, a specially-matched key hole and an invisible hole are formed in a lock cylinder, the front ends of the lock body and the lock cylinder are provided with interlocking covers, a locking needle hole is formed in a locking ejection column, an invisible connection device is arranged in the invisible hole, an invisible spring is installed in an invisible bearing hole in the back end of the invisible connection device, an interlocking hole in the lock body is provided with an interlocking spring, a centre, a locking needle and an abutting-against needle, a rotary contact is arranged on a rotary connection device, the rotary connection device is located behind the invisible connection device, an electronic telecontrol device, the rotary contact and the fixed contact are connected into a circuit of an electromagnet, and the electromagnet is connected with a locking transverse piece. The invisible connection device and a specially-matched key are disconnected, the invisible connection device and the rotary connection device are disconnected, the lock cylinder and the rotary connection device are disconnected, the electronic telecontrol device is invisibly installed in the circuit of the electromagnet, the ejection column can be transversely locked through the centre and the locking needle, an interlocking key and a specially-matched key are separated, and alarming, hiding, interlocking and multiple theft prevention of the anti-theft lock are achieved.

Watch with function of vehicular intelligent key

ActiveCN103149830ADoes not increase thickness significantlyGood lookingKeysClockwork casesButton batteryIdentity recognition
The invention discloses a watch with a function of a vehicular intelligent key. The watch comprises a watch shell body, an index dial, a movement and a vehicular controller. The vehicular controller is contained in the watch shell body and comprises a frame, a printed circuit board (PCB), a battery containing part, a button cell battery and a base cover, wherein the frame is roughly annular, and a coiling groove which is internally provided with antennae in a coiled mode is formed in the outer circumferential side of the frame; the PCB is arranged in one side, facing to the movement, of the frame in a clamped mode; the battery containing part is formed on the other side, away from the movement, of the frame, and is used for containing the button cell battery; and the base cover is connected with the watch shell body to seal the watch shell body. According to the watch with the function of the vehicular intelligent key, the vehicular controller is arranged in the watch, so that an identity recognition circuit of a car owner can be integrated into a quartz watch which is carried with the car owner. Therefore, the functions of identity recognition of the car owner and car burglary prevention can be achieved, in addition, the thickness of the watch cannot greatly increased, appearance is good, and carrying is convenient.
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