Fabric-structure-enhancing short sleeve shirt with skirt edge

A fabric structure and short-sleeve technology is applied in the field of fabric structure-reinforced short-sleeves, which can solve the problems of inconvenient wearing, widening the tearing range, and many consumables, and achieve the effects of saving materials, being convenient to wear, and expanding the tearing range.

Inactive Publication Date: 2014-01-29
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[0002] In summer, many women like to wear short skirts to match with short sleeves. Traditional short sleeves and short skirts are se...
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The invention relates to a fabric-structure-enhancing short sleeve shirt with a skirt edge. The short sleeve shirt comprises a short sleeve shirt body (1) and is characterized in that a circle of skirt edge (2) is arranged on the lower periphery of the short sleeve shirt body (1), the skirt edge (2) is provided with a lace edge, the short sleeve shirt body (1) is made of fabric which comprises at least two kinds of raw material yarn, one is spandex yarn, the melting point of other raw material yarn is higher than that of the spandex yarn, according to the knitted fabric, an adhesion structure formed by the interwoven spandex yarn in a fusion mode is arranged at the interwoven portion of the raw material yarn, and the fabric of the skirt edge (2) is real silk fabric. According to the short sleeve shirt, the circle of skirt edge is arranged on the lower periphery of the short sleeve shirt, the lower portion of the short sleeve shirt has the effect of a short skirt, materials are saved, wearing is convenient, the character of spandex is used, so that adhesion is achieved at the interwoven point, and accordingly after the yarn is possibly broken, the yarn cannot be separated and scattered, or the tearing range cannot be enlarged.

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Protective garmentSpecial outerwear garments

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YarnEngineering +4


  • Fabric-structure-enhancing short sleeve shirt with skirt edge


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Example Embodiment

[0012] See figure 1 , The present invention relates to a fabric structure reinforced short sleeve with a skirt, comprising a short-sleeved body 1, a skirt 2 is provided on the bottom of the short-sleeved body 1, and the skirt 2 has lace edges, The short-sleeved body 1 is made of fabric, and the fabric includes at least two raw material yarns, one of which is spandex yarn. The melting point of the other raw material yarns is higher than that of spandex yarn. The knitted fabric has An adhesive structure formed by the melting of interwoven spandex yarns. The fabric of the skirt 2 is a real silk fabric.


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