Method for automatically shearing braid

A tape cutting and automatic technology, which is applied in the directions of automatic packaging control, packaging, packaging protection, etc., can solve the problems of tape braiding machines not working normally, defective products and products, low production efficiency, etc., and achieve a high degree of automation and improve The effect of quality and labor cost saving

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[0002] The traditional blocking head is closed, causing the braiding machine to fail to work normally, and it can only be reset to continue production. Since problems often occur during the working process of the braiding machine, this working mode makes the production efficiency very...
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The invention discloses a method for automatically shearing a braid. The method comprises the steps that when a braider normally works, a detection module detects the opening and closing states of a chock plug; when the chock plug is closed, the detection module sends alarm information to a taping counting module; the detection module continuously detects the closing situation of the chock plug; whether alarming frequency reaches a nominal threshold value or not is detected; when the alarming frequency reaches the nominal threshold value, the braid is sheared, and the braider stops running; when braid shearing is finished, the taping counting module sends alarm signals to a device keeper. The method is free of manual waiting operation, achieves automatic counting and automatic braid shearing, improves quality, prevents defective goods from flowing into clients, saves time and labor, saves labor cost, is high in automation degree, and greatly improves work efficiency.

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Packaging automatic control

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BraidAutomation +2


  • Method for automatically shearing braid


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Example Embodiment

[0022] The technical solutions of the present invention will be described in further detail below with reference to the accompanying drawings, but the protection scope of the present invention is not limited to the following.
[0023] Such as figure 1 As shown, an automatic tape cutting method includes the following steps:
[0024] S1: The taping machine is working normally, and the detection module detects the opening and closing state of the blocking head, the amplitude of the taping and the length of the pipe passing;
[0025] S2: The detection module detects that the blocking head is closed, and then sends an alarm message to the taping counting module, and the taping counting module records the alarm information, and the count value is increased by 1 on the original count value;
[0026] S3: The taping machine continues to work, and the detection module sends the collected blocking head opening and closing status, taping amplitude and tube length signals to the taping counting module in real time;
[0027] S4: Continue to perform steps S2 and S3 until the count value recorded by the taping counting module reaches the preset threshold;
[0028] S5: The taping counting module sends the tape cutting signal to the tape cutting device, the tape cutting device cuts the tape, and the control equipment stops operating at the same time;
[0029] S6: After cutting the tape, the taping counting module sends an alarm signal to the equipment manager.
[0030] When the tape cutting device cuts the braid in step S5, it also includes the following sub-steps:
[0031] S501: The detection module detects whether the transmission of this group of pipes of the transmission belt is completed;
[0032] S502: When it is detected that the pipeline transmission of this group is completed, send a signal to the tape cutting device;
[0033] S503: The tape cutting device sends a signal to the central controller to stop the control equipment, and the tape cutting device cuts the braid at the same time;
[0034] S504: After the tape cutting device has finished cutting, send a signal to the taping counting module, and the taping counting module counts to zero.


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