Copper ingot for gravity casting and casting method thereof

A technology of gravity casting and copper ingots, which is applied in the field of casting, can solve the problems of poor mechanical properties, shrinkage, porosity, and coarse structure of castings, and achieve the effects of high yield, reduced labor, and improved production efficiency

Inactive Publication Date: 2015-07-01
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[0004] There are still some problems in the production of copper ingot casting. For example, the internal structure of the casting is coarse, and there ar...
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The invention relates to a copper ingot for gravity casting and a casting method thereof. A casting raw material of the copper ingot consists of two parts including a basic raw material and an additive, and is prepared by components; the casting raw material is heated and fused; a refining agent is added and evenly stirred to remove impurities; a refiner is added and evenly stirred to refine grains; a sample is taken to check the mobility of molten metal and the compositional ratio of all elements; if the result is not conform, the raw material or the refining agent are added again; the copper ingot is cast, and is naturally cooled; the performance of the copper ingot is inspected; and the grading is performed. The copper ingot for gravity casting has such advantages as good fluidity of the molten metal, few defects of cast products, high yield and good polishing performance, reduces the workload of workers, and improves the production efficiency.

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[0014] Example
[0015] (1) Casting raw materials include two parts: basic raw materials and additives, wherein the composition of the basic raw materials is: 61wt% copper, 1.7wt% lead, 0.5wt% aluminum, and the balance zinc;
[0016] (2) The additive includes a refining agent and a refiner, the refining agent is a rare earth refining agent, and the addition amount of the rare earth refining agent is 4% of the total weight of the basic raw material;
[0017] (3) The composition of the refiner is: copper is 80% by weight, aluminum is 10% by weight, and the balance is boron. The added amount of the refiner is 1.0% of the total weight of the basic raw material.
[0018] Copper ingot for gravity casting and its casting method. The invented copper ingot for gravity casting has the advantages of good liquidity of molten metal, fewer defects in casting products, high yield, good polishability, etc., which reduces the workload of staff and improves Productivity.


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