A technology for windows, doors and screens, applied in the field of windows, can solve the problem of easy entry of mosquitoes into the house, etc., and achieve the effects of good effect, convenient use and simple structure

Inactive Publication Date: 2015-07-01
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[0002] The current windows are fixed, using glass, etc. In summer, it...
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Existing windows are fixed, and use glass and the like, and mosquitoes easily enter rooms when the existing windows are opened in summer. The invention provides a window. The window is characterized by being formed by double doors which are respectively a double layer glass window door and a screen window door, wherein the double layer glass window door is arranged inside, and the screen window door is arranged outside. The double layer glass window door is opened and the screen window door is closed in the summer, and the double layer glass window door is closed in winter. The window has the advantages of being simple in structure, convenient to use, and good in effect.

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Insect protection

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Glass windowEngineering +1


  • Window


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Example Embodiment

[0011] Such as figure 1 , A window, characterized in that it is composed of a double-glazed window door 1 and a screened window door 2 double doors, the double-glazed window door 1 is inside, and the screened window door 2 is outside. In summer, open double-glazed windows and doors 1 and close screened windows and doors 2; in winter, close double-glazed windows and doors 1. The beneficial effects are: simple structure, convenient use and good effect.


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