Guiding device for aluminum plate

A guiding device and aluminum plate technology, applied in transportation and packaging, object supply, flipping objects, etc., can solve the problems of reducing product quality, easily damaging aluminum plates, reducing work efficiency, etc., and achieve the effect of improving work efficiency

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Problems solved by technology

[0002] In the existing technology, the aluminum plate is soft and easily deformed during the collision during transportation. It is necessary to manually lift the aluminum plate to the transport box or other workbench and other objects above the ground level, which not only increases the labor time,...
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Method used

Described inductor connects siren, provides warning information, is convenient to adjust aluminum plate, improves transmission reliability.
The surface of described rotating roller 2 is uniformly provided with some axial jacks 20, and described transmission belt two 4 obliquely arranges, and one end of described transmission belt two 4 adjacent described rotating roller 2 is fixed on the support 7 , the other end is connec...
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The invention discloses a guiding device for aluminum plates and provides the guiding device for the aluminum plates, which has the advantages of simple structure, convenience in operation and improved working reliability. The guiding device comprises a conveyor belt I, a rotating roller, a conveyor belt II and a pair of lifting mechanisms and sliding rails, wherein the conveyor belt I, the rotating roller and the conveyor belt II are sequentially arranged; the conveyor belt I is horizontally arranged; the rotating roller is arranged on a supporting seat in a moving manner; guiding grooves for placing the aluminum plates are correspondingly formed in two sides of the supporting seat; a plurality of axial inserting holes are uniformly distributed in the surface of the rotating roller; the conveyor belt II is obliquely arranged; one end, adjacent to the rotating roller, of the conveyor belt II, is fixed on a support; the other end of the conveyor belt II is connected onto the sliding rails through the pair of lifting mechanisms; the pair of lifting mechanisms is correspondingly arranged on two sides of the conveyor belt II; a sensor is arranged at the top of each lifting mechanism. According to the guiding device disclosed by the invention, in the working process, the aluminum plates can be conveyed to transport cases at different heights, and the working efficiency is improved.

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  • Guiding device for aluminum plate
  • Guiding device for aluminum plate


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Example Embodiment

[0012] The invention is like Figure 1-2 As shown, it includes a conveyor belt 1, a rotating roller 2, a conveyor belt 4, a pair of lifting mechanisms 5, and a slide rail 6. The conveyor belt 1, the rotating roller 2, and the conveyor belt 4 are arranged in sequence. 一1 is arranged horizontally, the rotating roller 2 is movably arranged on a support 3, and two sides of the support 3 are respectively provided with guide grooves 8 for placing aluminum plates;
[0013] The surface of the rotating roller 2 is uniformly provided with a number of axial insertion holes 20, the second conveyor belt 4 is arranged obliquely, one end of the second conveyor belt 4 adjacent to the rotating roller 2 is fixed on the bracket 7, and the other end A pair of the lifting mechanism 5 is connected to the slide rail 6, a pair of the lifting mechanism 5 is respectively arranged on both sides of the second conveyor belt, and the top of the lifting mechanism 5 is provided with an inductor 9. When the sensor is working, it can ensure the reliability of the transmission by judging whether the aluminum plate has deviated from the second transmission belt and provide convenience for subsequent work.
[0014] The lifting mechanism 5 is horizontally movably connected to the sliding rail 6, and a sliding block is arranged at the bottom of the lifting mechanism, and the sliding block is fitted in the sliding rail. Through the movement of the lifting mechanism on the slide rail, the lifting action of the lifting mechanism adjusts the inclination direction of the second conveyor belt to adapt to the different height requirements of the aluminum plate transmission.
[0015] The sensor is connected with an alarm to provide alarm information, facilitate adjustment of the aluminum plate, and improve transmission reliability.


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