Garment allowing convenience of storing work permits

A work permit and clothing technology, applied in the field of clothing, can solve the problems of employees' troubles and inappropriate removal of work permits, and achieve the effect of avoiding discomfort.

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-01-13
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[0003] Generally, well-managed enterprises require employees to wear work permits, and most companies adopt the method of ...
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The invention relates to a garment allowing convenience of storing work permits. The garment is characterized by comprising a garment body (1) which is provided with a chest pocket (2), the surface of the chest pocket (2) is provided with a transparent structure, an interlayer (3) is disposed in the chest pocket (2) and divides the chest pocket (2) into an inner pocket and an outer pocket, the outer pocket is used for storing work permits, and the inner pocket is used for storing conventional articles. The garment prevents discomfort for staff, allows convenience of carrying work permits and is waterproof and anti-radiation.

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Protective garmentSpecial outerwear garments

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Biomedical engineeringRadiation


  • Garment allowing convenience of storing work permits
  • Garment allowing convenience of storing work permits


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Example Embodiment

[0021] See figure 1 with figure 2 , The present invention relates to a clothing for easy storage of work permits. The clothing includes a clothing body 1, a chest pocket 2 is opened on the clothing body 1, the surface of the breast pocket 2 is a transparent structure, and an interlayer 3 is arranged inside. , Divide the chest pocket 2 into two bags inside and outside. The outer bag is used to store work permits, and the inner bag is used to store conventional objects.
[0022] The manufacturing process of clothes that are convenient for storage of work permits is as follows:
[0023] 1) Design of yarn varieties:
[0024] Select wool fiber, bamboo charcoal polyester fiber and polylactic acid fiber, and perform anti-pilling treatment, enzyme treatment and softening treatment on wool fiber, bamboo charcoal polyester fiber and polylactic acid fiber. For anti-pilling treatment, a mixture of phosphate ester and antimony trioxide is used as anti-pilling treatment. Ball agent, phosphate antimony trioxide mixture dosage is 1.5-4% by weight of wool fiber, enzyme treatment is treated with protease, and the dosage of protease is 0.1-0.2% by weight of wool fiber. The softener used for softening treatment is water-soluble organic Silicone softener, the amount of water-soluble organic silicon softener is 6-8% of the wool fiber weight;
[0025] 2) Recombing process:
[0026] Recomb wool fiber, bamboo charcoal polyester fiber and polylactic acid fiber to make wool top.
[0027] 3) Spinning process:
[0028] The yarn is made by pre-spinning-spun yarn-winding-parallel-twisting-steaming yarn, wherein the yarn count is 81Nm and the twist is 780Z twists/meter; the yarn made is a double yarn with a count of 80Nm Ply yarn, plied twist 810S twists/meter; the weight percentage of anti-transparent polyester in warp and weft is 30;
[0029] 4), finishing process:
[0030] Finishing includes: singeing-single boiling-washing cloth-double boiling-baking cloth-photocatalyst processing fluid padding-baking cloth-TEFLON three-proof finishing-baking-ripening-brushing-shearing-brushing-moisturizing-pot steaming In addition, the dosage of the photocatalyst processing fluid is 30g/l-50g/l, and the rolling rate is 75%-85%. When the photocatalyst processing fluid is used, keep the car 25m/min-30m/min, the temperature is 120℃-135℃, TEFLON The three-proof finishing process is 75-85% of the rolling liquid, the speed is 18-22m/min, the temperature is 160-180℃, and the final fabric specifications are: yarn count 96/2-100/2Nm, total tightness 145-165 , Warp density 615-796 strands/10 cm, weft density 400-358 strands/10 cm, gram weight 340-390 g/m.


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