Preparation method of jacquard woven fabric with stereoscopic sensation

A processing method and a three-dimensional effect technology, which is applied in the field of processing to increase the pattern of jacquard fabrics, and can solve the problems such as the lack of three-dimensional effect of patterns

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-06-15
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[0002] The pattern of the current jacquard fabric is made by the jacquard machine accordi...
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The invention discloses a preparation method of a fabric, in particular relates to a preparation method capable of increasing the patterns of a jacquard fabric, and aims to provide a preparation method of a jacquard woven fabric with stereoscopic sensation, which has the advantages of strong stereoscopic sensation, simplicity, convenience for operation and applicability to industrial production. The preparation method comprises the following steps: 1, shell fabric preparation: preparing a shell fabric with a shell fabric jacquard machine, and preparing texture patterns as required; 2, backing fabric preparation: making a plate for a backing fabric according to three-dimensional textures reflected on the shell fabric, and then embossing the backing fabric; 3, compounding of the shell fabric and the backing fabric by gluing through an oil glue machine; and 4, drying: drying the fabric with a dryer for 20 min, and controlling the temperature within 80 to 90 DEG C. The fabric has the characteristics of strong stereoscopic sensation of design level, high firmness, good product quality and the like.

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[0007] The present invention will be further described below with reference to a case.
[0008] The processing method of the jacquard woven fabric with three-dimensional effect is as follows: the first step, the top fabric, adopts the jacquard woven chenille fabric as the top fabric, and the top fabric is woven into the jacquard fabric; the second step, the base fabric processing, 160G The white embossed single-sided fleece is the base fabric, and the base fabric is embossed by making a plate according to the three-dimensional texture that needs to be reflected on the surface fabric; the third step, the surface fabric and the base fabric are glued and compounded by an oil glue machine; The fourth step is drying, after drying for 20 minutes, the temperature is controlled at 80-90 degrees Celsius, and the traveling speed of the cloth is controlled at 1000 m/h, so that the texture on the base cloth will be reflected on the top cloth; in the third step A step can be added between the fourth step, and the softener is quickly sprayed on the cloth surface before drying to increase the comfort of the hand.


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