Method for judging irrigation need of farming soil by use of mobile phone APP (Application Program)

A mobile phone and land technology, which is applied in the application field of mobile APP, weather data collection and soil moisture collector data collection, which can solve problems such as waste of water resources.

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-06-29
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[0004] Surplus labor force in rural areas The rural labor force is limited, and the traditional irrigation mode is still the irrig...
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The invention provides a method for judging the irrigation need of farming soil by use of a mobile phone APP (Application Program) and belongs to the field of combined data collection and application. The method comprises the following steps of: collecting real-time weather by use of java; performing interpretation on low-altitude or satellite infrared remote sensing images by use of a remote sensing method, and determining the soil humidity of earth surface within a relatively large range; developing the mobile phone APP. The invention provides a method for efficiently and conveniently judging the irrigation need of rural land, so that labor force is reduced and waste of water resources is reduced.

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Watering devicesCultivating equipments

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Soil humiditySatellite +9


  • Method for judging irrigation need of farming soil by use of mobile phone APP (Application Program)


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Example Embodiment

[0019] The content of the present invention will be described in more detail below:
[0020] A method for judging whether agricultural land needs irrigation by using a mobile phone APP includes the following steps:
[0021] Step 1: Use java to collect real-time weather, and the collected weather is accurate to the county, city, district, town, and village.
[0022] Step 2: Through remote sensing: through interpretation of low-altitude or satellite infrared remote sensing images, determine the soil moisture of the surface in a larger area.
[0023] Step 3: Develop a mobile APP, the main functions and steps are as follows
[0024] 1: UI designers design APP interface
[0025] 2: Developers develop app functions according to functions. Specific functions are
[0026] (1): Local real-time weather display, weather summary (such as the comprehensive weather of the past week, rainfall in a week, rainfall in a month, real-time temperature, etc.)
[0027] (2): Display the collected soil moisture
[0028] (3): Summarize through real-time weather and soil moisture analysis, whether irrigation is needed, and give suggestions and opinions to show
[0029] (4): Land irrigation warning e-chart diagram.
[0030] The operation steps are:
[0031] First, deploy the mobile app to the server;
[0032] Second, open the APP website through the mobile phone;
[0033] Third, the mobile APP obtains relevant data collected in real time and displays it on the visualization page;
[0034] Fourth, the user can grasp whether the land needs irrigation in real time according to the early warning on the mobile APP.


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