Faucet capable of discharging hand cleaning detergent automatically

A faucet and hand sanitizer technology, which is applied in the field of sanitary ware, can solve the problems of not being able to provide convenience for users, and achieve the effects of saving water and avoiding pollution

Inactive Publication Date: 2017-02-22
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[0004] The faucet with hand sanitizer in the prior art is simply a combination of two items, which cannot effec...
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The invention belongs to the technical field of hygiene products, and particularly relates to a faucet capable of discharging hand cleaning detergent automatically. The faucet comprises a water inlet pipe, a control device, a sensing device, a hand cleaning detergent storage case, a faucet and a power module. The faucet combines the hand cleaning detergent storage device and the faucet body to save people from the inconveniences of hand cleaning detergent acquisition during hand cleaning process, and prevents the pollution to a washing table caused by hand cleaning detergent acquisition, thus making the method beneficial to water-saving.

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Operating means/releasing devices for valvesHolders and dispensers

Technology Topic

EngineeringWater saving +4


  • Faucet capable of discharging hand cleaning detergent automatically
  • Faucet capable of discharging hand cleaning detergent automatically


  • Experimental program(1)

Example Embodiment

[0027] Example
[0028] When a person approaches the faucet 5, the sensing device 3 transmits the information of the person to the control device 2. At this time, the control device draws a certain amount of hand sanitizer from the hand sanitizer storage box 4 and injects it into the faucet 5, and flows out of the faucet 5 for people to use. The sensor 3 should be the distance between the human body and the faucet, and the control device 2 will draw the hand sanitizer from the hand sanitizer storage box 4 a second time only when it leaves and then approaches.


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