Hook and chain integrated type flue-cured tobacco clamp

A one-piece, hook-and-hook technology, which is applied in tobacco, tobacco preparation, application, etc., can solve the problems of low labor efficiency, high labor intensity, troublesome operation, etc.

Inactive Publication Date: 2017-05-31
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Problems solved by technology

[0002] Flue-cured tobacco is a traditionally planted crop in my country. For farmers, the economic value of growing flue-cured tobacco is very high, but during the planting process, especially during the cur...
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The invention discloses a hook and chain integrated type flue-cured tobacco clamp. The hook and chain integrated type flue-cured tobacco clamp is characterized in that one piece of U-shaped channel steel with proper length and one piece of triangular channel steel with proper length are selected; small holes are punched in two ends of the channel steel, and a hook is mounted on each small hole; after flue-cured tobacco is put onto the clamp, the middle part is arranged in door-shaped channel steel through a spring which is riveted with a movable steel plate; then the flue-cured tobacco is fixed by forcedly pressing the U-shaped channel steel; finally, the flue-cured tobacco is adjusted and then is hooked by chains and the hooks at the two ends. The hook and chain integrated type flue-cured tobacco clamp disclosed by the invention has the characteristics of convenience for use, simplicity in operation and high working efficiency; compared with other clamps, the hook and chain integrated type flue-cured tobacco clamp has the advantages that 1, the loading weight is great and the working efficiency is high; 2, the clamp is convenient to operate; 3, the clamp is simple to manufacture and low-cost.

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Tobacco preparation

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Steel platesFlue +3


  • Hook and chain integrated type flue-cured tobacco clamp


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Example Embodiment

[0014] Specific implementation method: the technical solution of the present invention is completed in this way. A convex and concave integrated chain-type flue-cured tobacco fixture is characterized in that two ends of a channel steel notch with a moderate length are riveted with two movable adjustable bars, and the other part is a length and a groove. For triangular steel with the same steel, a small hole is punched in the protruding parts of both ends of the triangular steel (see attached figure 1 ).
[0015] A convex-concave segmented chain-type flue-cured tobacco fixture has the advantages of convenient application, simple operation, and high work efficiency. It is different from other fixtures in that: 1. It has a large load and high work efficiency. 2. Easy to operate. 3. The production is simple and the cost is low.


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