Method for detecting wrapping oil

A detection method and packaging technology, applied in the direction of color/spectral characteristic measurement, etc., can solve the problems of enterprise loss, unqualified appearance of large quantities of DAP, inability to distinguish the quality of packaged oil, etc., and achieve the effect of improving the pass rate

Active Publication Date: 2018-04-10
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The wrapping oil is a dark green paste-like solid, and the quality of different batches of wrapping oil cannot be distinguished from the appearance. After wrapping DAP with wrapping oil, if the quality of the wrapping oil is unqualified, it will cause a large amount of DAP appearance Unqualified products have brought great losses to the company. Therefore, to s...
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The invention discloses a method for detecting wrapping oil. The method comprises 1, measuring L0 and b0 values of DAP of unwrapping wrapping oil through a colorimeter, 2, wrapping the DAP treated through the step 1 with the wrapping oil, 3, measuring the L value and b value of the DAP treated through the step 2 with the colorimeter, 4, calculating the values of delta L=L-L0 and delta b=b-b0, and5, determining whether the wrapping oil is qualified, wherein when the delta L is greater than -2.0 and delta b is greater than -2.0, the wrapping oil is qualified and when the delta L is less than orequal to -2.0 and delta b is less than or equal to -2.0, the wrapping oil is unqualified. The method can detect the appearance quality of wrapping oil and measure whether different batches of wrapping oil are qualified. The DAP wrapped by the qualified wrapping oil has the bright yellow surface and beautiful appearance and satisfies the DAP appearance requirements.

Application Domain

Color/spectral properties measurements

Technology Topic

Environmental geology


  • Method for detecting wrapping oil


  • Experimental program(1)

Example Embodiment

[0019] A method for detecting coated oil, which is characterized in that it comprises the following steps:
[0020] Step 1. Use a colorimeter to measure the L of DAP that is not wrapped in oil 0 Value and b 0 value;
[0021] Step 2: Wrap the DAP that has passed through step 1 with wrapping oil;
[0022] Step 3. Use a colorimeter to measure the L value and b value of DAP after step 2;
[0023] Step 4. Calculate △L=L-L 0 And △b=b-b 0 The value of
[0024] Step 5. Determine whether the quality of the package oil is qualified by the following method: △L> -2.0 and △b> -2.0, judged as qualified, △L≤-2.0 and △b≤-2.0, judged as unqualified.
[0025] The present invention will be further described below in conjunction with the embodiments. The described embodiments are only a part of the embodiments of the present invention, not all of the embodiments. Based on the embodiments of the present invention, other embodiments obtained by those of ordinary skill in the art without creative work shall fall within the protection scope of the present invention.
[0026] Weigh 0.78g of the evenly stirred coating oil raw material into 200g of DAP, mix well, measure with a colorimeter, and read L and b values. Comparing with the DAP sample without coating oil and calculating it, it can be judged whether the quality and color of the coating oil of this batch are qualified.
[0027] The test data of DAP without oil package is shown in Table 1:
[0028] Table 1, L of DAP without oil 0 And b 0 Value of
[0029] L0
[0030] The test data of DAP after adding coating oil is shown in Table 2:
[0031] Table 2. DAP test data after adding coating oil
[0033] It can be easily seen from the above table that the package oil of batch 3 is unqualified, batches 1 and 2 are qualified, especially batch 1 has the best appearance quality. Using the above methods to determine the appearance quality of the wrapping oil is simple, convenient and accurate, and solves the technical problem that the company has always wanted to solve: how to ensure the appearance quality of the DAP after wrapping the oil.


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