Mobile toilet with sterilization function

A mobile technology for sterilization and disinfection, which is applied in the field of sterilization and public facilities, can solve the problems of strong odor, inability to achieve healthy physical therapy, and inability to achieve reasonable sterilization and disinfection, so as to achieve the effect of improving air quality

Inactive Publication Date: 2018-07-20
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Problems solved by technology

[0003] The purpose of the present invention is to overcome the above-mentioned existing problems such as large odor, inability to achieve reasonable sterilization, and inability to achieve healthy physiotherapy, and to provide a mobile toilet with sterilization and disinfection functions. The device can generate a large amount of negative ions, It can effectively solve ...
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Method used

Also be provided with detection device 11 and lighting device 12 in casing 1, lighting device 12 is LED lamp 1201, and lighting device 12 links to each other with detection device 11, realizes the real-time control to lighting lamp by setting lighting device and detection device , detection device 11 is made up of infrared sensor 1101 and time relay 1102, realizes the real-time detection to personnel walking by setting infrared sensor; Also be provided with intelligent control module 1...
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The invention relates to a mobile toilet with a sterilization function. The toilet comprises a negative ion generator, a storage battery and a box body. The inside of the box body is provided with a urinal and an inductive flusher, a purification room is arranged outside the box body, an air inlet and an air outlet are formed in the purification room, the air outlet is formed in at least one sidewall of the box body, one end of the negative ion generator is connected with the air inlet, one end of the negative ion generator is connected with a filtering device, the filtering device comprisesa filter block, an activated carbon block and a separation block, the inside of the box body is further provided with a detecting device and a lighting device, an intelligent control module is furtherarranged in the purification room, and the intelligent control module is respectively connected to the negative ion generator, the detecting device and the lighting device; according to the toilet, agreat number of negative ions are generated, the odor caused by poor air circulation in the mobile toilet is effectively solved, the purpose of real-time sterilization is further achieved, and the negative ions with small particle sizes can effectively achieve health treatment for human bodies.

Application Domain

Wheeled lavatoriesDeodrants

Technology Topic

IonActivated carbon +5


  • Mobile toilet with sterilization function


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Example Embodiment

[0015] Example 1: Combination figure 1 As shown, a mobile toilet with sterilization and disinfection functions includes an anion generator 2 and a storage battery 3, and also includes a casing 1, which is provided with a urinal 4 and an inductive flusher 5 in the casing 1. The outside is provided with a clean room 6, and the clean room 6 is provided with an air inlet 601 and an air outlet 602, and the air outlet 602 is arranged on at least one side wall of the casing 1, and the negative ion generator 2 is arranged in the clean room 6, and the negative ion generator 2 One end links to each other with air inlet 601, and one end is connected with filtering device 7, and filtering device 7 comprises filter block 8, gac block 9, separation block 10 that are arranged in sequence, and filter block 8 is the filter screen 801 of 9-30 micron, and in the preliminary filtration gas The floating matter and particles, the separation block 10 is a 50-100 nanometer zirconia porous ceramic body 1001, which further purifies and filters the tiny particles in the gas. The airway has a good filtering and purification effect on the fluid;
[0016] A detection device 11 and a lighting device 12 are also provided in the box body 1. The lighting device 12 is an LED lamp 1201. The lighting device 12 is connected to the detection device 11. The real-time control of the lighting lamp is realized by setting the lighting device and the detection device. The detection device 11 is composed of an infrared sensor 1101 and a time relay 1102, and the real-time detection of personnel walking is realized by setting the infrared sensor; an intelligent control module 13 is also provided in the clean room 6, and the intelligent control module 13 is respectively connected to the anion generator 2 and the detection device 11 is connected with lighting device 12, and intelligent control module 13 is made up of PLC controller and integrated circuit, has improved intellectualization and automation greatly, is also provided with solar panel 14 at the top of cabinet 1, and solar panel 14 is connected with negative ion generator respectively. 2 is connected with battery 3.
[0017] In use state, the invention can generate a large amount of negative ions by using clean energy, which can effectively solve various odors caused by poor air circulation in mobile toilets, further achieve the purpose of sterilization and disinfection, and realize real-time monitoring of personnel walking by setting detection devices Sex detection, by setting lighting devices, infrared sensors and time relays to realize the switch control and time control of the lighting, and after the micro airway filtration and layer separation, the small particle size negative ions ejected from the air outlet are beneficial to the human body, The air quality of the internal environment of the mobile toilet is greatly improved, and the purpose of physical therapy for human health can be effectively achieved.


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