Hanging device for plastic paper partition curtain

A technology of hanging device and partition curtain, applied in the direction of hanging curtain device, curtain, curtain, etc., can solve the problems of difficult installation, affect the appearance, heavy weight, etc., and achieve the effect of stunning effect, easy installation and hanging, and material saving.

Inactive Publication Date: 2018-08-03
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[0002] Nowadays, people's houses are getting taller and larger, and the partition curtain can stretch the sense of space in the living room, so that the space is more reasonable and orderly; there are many types of partition curtains, and the shapes are also different, such as crystal partition curtains, organ partition curtains, solid wood Partition curtains, pearl partition curtains, fabric partition curtains, etc., but their prices are relatively high, and because of their heavy weight, installation is difficult, and professional personnel must use professional tools to drill and fix the installation. The suspension length i...
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A plastic paper partition curtain has a bright color and excellent flexibility. The general weight of the plastic paper partition curtain is only dozens of grams. Many materials are saved, mounting plates (1) are fixed with a strong glue layer (2), the plastic paper partition curtain is easy to install and hang, the length of a winding wheel (7) can be freely adjusted, color balloons (4) are arranged so that the plastic paper partition curtain cannot droop or bend, and a new bright spot is brought to indoor decoration. The plastic paper partition curtain dances with the wind when breeze blows,so that the plastic paper partition curtain is glistening when irradiated by light and is amazing in effect.

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  • Hanging device for plastic paper partition curtain
  • Hanging device for plastic paper partition curtain
  • Hanging device for plastic paper partition curtain


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Example Embodiment

[0020] Attached below Figures 1 to 3 The preferred embodiments of the present invention are described in detail, so that the advantages and features of the present invention can be more easily understood by those skilled in the art, so as to define the protection scope of the present invention more clearly.
[0021] Please refer to the attached Figures 1 to 3 , a plastic paper partition curtain suspension device according to the present invention, comprising a plastic paper partition curtain, a mounting part, an extension part and a sagging preventing part, characterized in that: the mounting part has a mounting plate (1), and the outer side of the mounting plate (1) There is a strong adhesive layer (2) for fixed connection, and the inner side of the mounting plate (1) is a hanging ring (3). The mounting plate (1) can be installed on a vertical plane, or on a horizontal or inclined plane. Strong The adhesive layer (2) is provided with movable connection antifouling paper; the extension part has a semi-closed extender shell (6), and the opening of the extender shell (6) has a winding wheel (7), and the winding wheel ( 7) There is a cylindrical shaft in the middle of both sides, and the cylindrical shaft is installed in the shaft holes (8) on both sides of the extender casing (6), so that the winding wheel (7) can rotate freely in the extender casing (6) without If it falls, the extender shell (6) is movably connected with a manual switch (9). The inside of the shell of the manual switch (9) is divided into a wedge shape. On one side of the spring (12), the extender shell (6) is movably connected with a hook (10), one end of the extension line (11) is fixedly connected with the hook (10), and the other end of the extension line (11) is fixedly connected with the reel (7), and wind the extension line (11) on the reel (7); the anti-sagging part includes a sealed colored balloon (4), and the colored balloon (4) is filled with a gas whose specific gravity is smaller than that of air. Low specific gravity gas (5), the preferred low specific gravity gas (5) is hydrogen, in order to facilitate the installation of colored balloons (4), the bottom of the colored balloons (4) is fixedly connected with a hook (10). When installing a plastic-paper partition curtain suspension device of the present invention, first clean up the two selected installation positions, remove the anti-fouling paper that is movably connected on the outside of the two installation plates (1) and the strong glue layer (2), and place the Paste the exposed strong adhesive layer (2) on the prepared installation position respectively, hang the hook (10) at one end of the extension cord (11) on the hanging ring (3) of the installation plate (1) on one side, and turn on the manual switch (9), the large wedge-shaped end of the manual switch (9) compresses the return spring (12), and the small wedge-shaped end leaves the reel (7), and the reel (7) rotates and unwinds, and at this time the plastic paper partition curtain and at least one hook (10) of a colored balloon (4) filled with a small specific gravity gas (5) is suspended on the extension line (11), and the hook (10) that is movably connected to the extender shell (6) is hung on the other side On the hanging ring (3) of the installation plate (1), turn the reel (7) to straighten the extension cord (11) and then release the manual switch (9), and the return spring (12) pushes the manual switch (9) into a wedge The small end is pressed on the reel (7) to prevent the reel (7) from loosening and turning.
[0022] The above is only the preferred embodiment of the present invention, it should be pointed out that for those skilled in the art, without departing from the inventive concept of the present invention, some modifications and improvements can also be made, and these all belong to the present invention. within the scope of protection of the invention.


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