Cleaning device of injection mold

A technology for cleaning devices and injection molds, which is applied in the auxiliary field of injection molding, can solve problems such as incomplete cleaning, and achieve the effects of improved cleaning effect, less energy utilization, and fast cleaning speed

Inactive Publication Date: 2019-10-18
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Problems solved by technology

[0003] In order to overcome the above-mentioned deficiencies, the purpose of the present invention is to provid...
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Method used

During work, mold can be placed in the fixed box of injection molding device, spray cleaning liquid to injection molding device by the cleaning liquid nozzle...
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The invention discloses a cleaning device of an injection mold. The cleaning device comprises a first support, a liquid inlet pipe, a cleaning liquid spray head, a second support, a fixed device, a telescopic rod, a rotating device, a brush rod, brush heads, a conveying belt and an injection molding device fixing box. The first support and the second support are arranged on one side of the conveying belt. The cleaning liquid spray head is mounted at one end of the first support. The fixed device is arranged on the lower portion of the upper end of the second support. The telescopic rod is arranged at the lower end of the fixed device. The rotating device is arranged at the lower end of the telescopic rod. The brush rod and the brush heads are arranged at the lower end of the rotating device. The cleaning device is simple in structure, convenient to use, high in cleaning speed and good in impurity removal effect, and little energy is utilized.

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  • Cleaning device of injection mold


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Example Embodiment

[0012] The structure and use of the present invention will now be further described with reference to the accompanying drawings. As shown in the figure, the cleaning device of the injection mold includes 1, brackets 1, 2, liquid inlet pipe, 3, cleaning liquid nozzle, 4, brackets 2, 5, fixing device, 6, telescopic rod, 7, rotating device, 8 , Brush rod, 9, brush head, 10, conveyor belt, 11, fixed box of injection molding device. Its specific structure is a cleaning device for an injection mold, including a bracket 1, a liquid inlet pipe, a cleaning liquid nozzle, a bracket 2, a fixing device, a telescopic rod, a rotating device, a brush rod, a brush head, a conveyor belt, and a fixing box for the injection molding device. One side of the conveyor belt is provided with a bracket 1 and a bracket 2, one end of the bracket 1 is equipped with a cleaning liquid spray head, a fixing device is arranged at the lower end of the upper end of the bracket 2, a telescopic rod is arranged at the lower end of the fixing device, and a lower end of the telescopic rod is provided. There is a rotating device, and the lower end of the rotating device is provided with a brush rod and a brush head. The support 1 is provided with a liquid inlet pipe inside, and the end of the liquid inlet pipe is provided with a cleaning liquid spray head. The brush head is a three-sided three-dimensional brush head.
[0013] When working, the mold can be placed in the fixed box of the injection molding device, the cleaning liquid can be sprayed to the injection molding device through the cleaning liquid nozzle on the bracket 1, and the brush rod and the brush head can be driven by the telescopic rod and the rotating device on the bracket 2, and the mold type is adjusted. The cavity is brushed, which improves the removal effect.
[0014] It is known from the technical common sense that the present invention can be realized by other embodiments without departing from its spirit or essential characteristics. Accordingly, the above-disclosed embodiments are, in all respects, illustrative and not exclusive. All changes within the scope of the present invention or within the scope equivalent to the present invention are encompassed by the present invention.


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