Fruit and vegetable storage and transportation integrated packaging box

A packaging box, storage and transportation technology, applied in the field of fruit and vegetable storage and transportation integrated packaging box, can solve the problem of needing an external sterilization function, etc., and achieve the effect of self-cleaning and bacteriostatic box body strength, convenient transportation, and not easy to become brittle.

Inactive Publication Date: 2020-05-15
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The invention relates to a fruit and vegetable storage and transportation integrated packaging box. The fruit and vegetable storage and transportation integrated packaging box is characterized by comprising a box body, a sealing cover, foaming shockproof sponge pipes and an inert air bag, clamping grooves are formed in the periphery of the inner bottom face of the box body, the foaming shockproofsponge pipes are evenly distributed and embedded in the clamping grooves, the adjacent foaming shockproof sponge pipes form a heat preservation inner layer, the heat preservation inner layer is attached to the inner wall of the box body, a thermal insulation layer is formed, each foaming shockproof sponge tube is filled with air bag strips; the sealing cover and the box body can realize sealing and covering, and one or two air adjusting pipe is installed on the sealing cover. According to the fruit and vegetable storage and transportation integrated packaging box, the fruit and vegetable storage and transportation box is designed to be a special-shaped vacuum heat preservation interlayer turnover box, inert gas (nitrogen) can be filled in the box to perform preserving freshness on fruits and vegetables, the special-shaped vacuum heat preservation interlayer is light and convenient to transport in the heat preservation process, the shockproof effect on the fruits and vegetables is achieved, and the effects of being convenient to transport and effective in preserving freshness on the fruits and vegetables in the actual transportation process are achieved.

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Domestic cooling apparatusLighting and heating apparatus +6

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Heat conservationEngineering +5


  • Fruit and vegetable storage and transportation integrated packaging box
  • Fruit and vegetable storage and transportation integrated packaging box


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Example Embodiment

[0042] The present invention will be described in further detail below through specific examples. The following examples are only descriptive and not restrictive, and the protection scope of the present invention cannot be limited by this.
[0043] An integrated packaging box for storage and transportation of fruits and vegetables, comprising a box body 1, a sealing cover 4, a foaming shock-proof sponge tube 2 and an inert air bag 3, wherein the bottom surface of the box body is provided with a card slot around the bottom surface, and the card slot is embedded with uniform foam Shock-proof sponge tube, adjacent foamed shock-proof sponge tubes form an inner thermal insulation layer, which is attached to the inner wall of the box to form an insulation layer. A layer of foam shock-proof sponge tube is also laid horizontally on the bottom of the box to increase shock resistance and Thermal insulation effect.
[0044] Each foamed shockproof sponge tube is filled with airbag strips. On the one hand, the airbag strips can support it, and on the other hand, it can reduce the temperature transmission rate and improve the heat preservation effect.
[0045] The sealing cover and the box body can be sealed and covered to ensure the gas condition in the packaging box. Install 1-2 gas regulating pipes 5 on the sealing cover to adjust the gas environment of the box and improve the fresh-keeping period of fruits and vegetables.
[0046] The ultra-light storage and transportation box used in the present invention: a sealing groove on the box with a width of 2 cm, an outer layer made of ultra-light high elastic polymer material, a box with a length of 55 cm, a width of 55 cm and a height of 60 cm. The foamed vacuum shockproof tube (foamed shockproof sponge tube) of the present invention: the outer tube is 60cm high, the inner diameter is 4cm, and the outer diameter is 6-8cm. The inner layer of the hollow tube is filled with 4cm airbag strips, and multiple foamed vacuum tubes form a box. Inner layer.
[0047] In the present invention, a high-sealing air-conditioning cover is used: the sealing groove at the bottom of the cover is 6-8cm wide and 50cm long, and the cover is equipped with two air-conditioning tubes, the long tube is 8cm and the short tube is 6cm long and the diameter is 3cm. The cover surface is equipped with four-way handle, which can lift the storage and transportation box from four directions.
[0048] The formula of the ultra-light and high-elastic polymer material used in the box body and the box sealing cover of the present invention is as follows: parts by weight
[0049] 100 parts of polyurethane
[0050] 80 parts of polyolefin
[0051] 150 parts of styrene
[0052] 120 parts of polyester compound
[0053] 3 parts of diatomaceous earth
[0054] Biochar loaded with 3 parts of Fe3O4
[0055] 3 parts of quaternary lignin
[0056] 1 serving of pineapple leaf fiber
[0057] 3 parts of nano titanium dioxide
[0058] 2 parts of white carbon black
[0059] 3 parts of polyanionic cellulose
[0060] 1 part of vermiculite powder
[0061] 2 parts of chlorine dioxide
[0062] 1 part of calcium chloride
[0063] 0.5 parts of nano magnesium oxide
[0064] Manganese chloride 0.2 parts
[0065] Acrylic emulsion 5 parts
[0066] 5 parts hydrochloric acid
[0067] 300 parts deionized water
[0068] Preparation method of the above polymer material:
[0069] (1) Particle foaming: mix all the materials, put them in an autoclave, heat and melt, and introduce carbon dioxide gas into the autoclave, adjust the pressure and temperature of the autoclave, and make the carbon dioxide in a supercritical state. Pressure osmosis, rapid pressure relief, heating and foaming, to prepare foamed particles;
[0070] (2) Steam compression molding: steam compression molding the foamed particles described in step (1) to prepare an ultra-light and high-elastic polymer material;
[0071] (3) Coating: coating a low thermal conductivity material on the surface of the foamed material in step (2) to prepare a coated ultra-light, high-elastic, low-thermal-conductivity composite foaming material.
[0072] Variety Keep fresh time Van transport distance Surface integrity Strawberry 5-10 days 700km 99% Fragrant Pear 50-60 days 700km 99%


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