Energy-saving mechanical quick flushing pedestal pan

A toilet and mechanical technology, which is applied in the field of mechanical automatic control devices, can solve the problems of unfavorable power resource saving, need to use electric energy, and large dependence on environmental factors, so as to prevent waste of water resources, simplify actions, and ensure the cleanliness of the toilet Effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2021-04-20
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This device is highly dependent on environmental factors. If the bathroom in the house is small, manual opening of the flush valve requires large movements such as turning around in a limited space.
2. The device that relies on the automatic flushing of the toil...
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The invention discloses an energy-saving mechanical quick flushing pedestal pan. The pedestal pan comprises a flushing valve and a locker, and is characterized in that the flushing valve is provided with the locker, the locker is connected with a door shaft lock and a closestool ring, and a flushing valve switch is connected with a front pedal. When the locker is locked and the toilet door plate is opened or closed, the flushing valve cannot flush water; when the toilet user opens the door, the locker is unlocked once; when the toilet user sits on the toilet during defecation, the toilet ring is pressed to descend, and the locker is unlocked twice; and when the toilet user leaves and steps on the front pedal, the front pedal descends by 1cm and drives the flushing valve to open for flushing; and after 10 seconds, the flushing valve is closed, and the equipment returns to the standby state while the front pedal rises by 1 cm to return. According to the toilet flushing pedestal pan, flushing can be completed in time, it is guaranteed that a toilet is in a clean environment, and convenience can be provided for toileting personnel.

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Water closetsFlushing devices

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  • Energy-saving mechanical quick flushing pedestal pan


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Example Embodiment

[0009]The present invention will be further described in detail below with reference to the accompanying drawings and embodiments.
[0010]Such asfigure 1As shown, the bathroom door panel 1 has an automatic shutdown function. After 20 seconds of opening the door panel, the door panel will automatically shut down, and the door panel of the bathroom is often closed. Door plate 1, door shaft 2, door shaft lock 3, locker 4, flush valve 5, toilet device ring 6 and front pedal 7 constitute a toilet flush toilet, the lockier 4 uses a two-lock, locker 4 is connected to the door lock 3 and the seat arm 6, when the locker 4 is locked, the door panel 1 does not link the flush valve 5 flush, that is, when the toilet or other personnel are entering the bathroom, first open the door but open the door It does not cause the bathroom flush to force water, only the locker 4 is unlocked.
[0011]If the toilet enters the bathroom, the door panel is opened, the locker 4 is unlocked, such as the toilet uses the toilet, sitting on the mounting arm 6, the seat arm 6 is pressed, the locker 4 and the seat ring 6 are connected by mechanical structure. The locker 4 is unlocked. When the toilet is complete, the front pedal 7 is placed on the front pedal 7, the front pedal 7 can drop 1cm and drive the flush valve 5 to open the flush, after 10 seconds, the flush valve 5 is closed The feet leaves the front pedal 7, and the front pedal 7 rises by 1 cm and drive the flush valve 5 to open the flush. After 10 seconds, the flush valve 5 is turned off, and the device restores the backup state.
[0012]The above is a complete working cycle of a energy-saving mechanical quick flush soileer of the present invention. The front pedal 7 is a rectangle, and the aspect ratio is 3: 1, the width is 5 cm to 6 cm. It can be considered that the length of the family's foot can be considered, the front pedal 7 can ensure the foot on the front pedal After 7, and the front pedal 7 can be moved downward, the long edge of the front pedal 7 is arranged in parallel with the wall surface of the soil of the soileer, and the tank of the soil is arranged.


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