Range hood with multiple exhaust inlets capable of independently lifting

An independent lifting and range hood technology, which is applied in the direction of oil fume removal, household utensils, household heating, etc., can solve the problems of cookers with different dimensions, staggered, and inability to meet the needs of different cookers for cleaning oil fume, so as to improve the smoking effect, The effect of expanding the area

Pending Publication Date: 2021-06-18
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Problems solved by technology

[0004] The range hoods in the prior art have the problem of taking into account the size in the process of structural design and actual use; the range hood can be equipped with a larger-sized fume collection hood, and a collection and exhaust pipe suitable for the fume collection hood and exhaust pipe can be installed. However, in actual use, there is a contradiction between the installation of this type of range hood structure and the actual smoke exhaust effect:
[0005] 1. When the range hood is installed at a high position, the user has a good view and cooking space, but the smoke exhaust effect of the range hood is difficult to guarantee;
[0006] 2. When the range hood is installed at a lowe...
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Method used

The present invention carries out close-distance oil-absorbing fume respectively to the smoke area of ​​cooker through a plurality of liftable air-guiding boxes and corresponding air-intake ports, which can improve the effect of oil-absorbing smoke; and if a certain cooker is not used , the air guide box corresponding to the cooktop will not protrude and the air suction port will not be opened, so that all the negative pressure inside the range hood can be appli...
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The invention relates to the field of range hoods, and discloses a range hood with multiple exhaust inlets capable of independently lifting. The range hood is used for sucking lampblack for multiple cookers, and comprises a range hood body, at least two air guide box bodies mounted in the range hood body, exhaust inlets formed in the bottoms of the air guide box bodies and communicating with the air guide box bodies, and a lifting actuation module capable of driving the air guide box bodies to downwards extend out of the range hood body and enabling the exhaust inlets to reach a cooker lampblack outlet area.

Application Domain

Domestic stoves or rangesLighting and heating apparatus +1

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  • Range hood with multiple exhaust inlets capable of independently lifting
  • Range hood with multiple exhaust inlets capable of independently lifting
  • Range hood with multiple exhaust inlets capable of independently lifting


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Example Embodiment

[0027] A preferred embodiment of the present invention will be described in detail below with reference to the accompanying drawings.
[0028] Moreover, although there is a plurality of stoves in the home kitchen, there is only one suction port in the existing hood, and the position is fixed, and it is difficult to achieve a good suction effect according to the distinction position of different cookers.
[0029] Such as Figure 1-6 As shown in the present embodiment, a hood having a plurality of independently lifting suction exhaust ports is provided, and a plurality of cookers are drawn by a plurality of stoves, including the hood body 10, at least two air wind boxes mounted in the hood body. The body 20 is disposed at the bottom of the guide mold and communicates with the guide mold, and can drive the guide wind to extend the hood body to reach the hood body and enable the suction opening of the suction area. Component.
[0030] In the present embodiment, the guiding box has two, and is mounted in the inside of the hood, and the oil-proof area of ​​the two cookers is sucking.
[0031] The present invention passes through a plurality of can be lifted, and the corresponding suction port is separately smoked, respectively, the cooker's smoke-free smoke can be improved, and the suction cigarette effect is improved; and if a stove is not used, the stove The corresponding guiding casing does not extend and the suction mouth will not open, and all the negative pressure inside the hood can act on another suction opening, and the cigarette control is achieved.
[0032] Such as Figure 4 As shown, including a flip cover 23 provided on the front side of the guide shell, a rotational opening of a rotating opening of the flip cover, the rotation opening, and the flip cover, and when the flip cover is rotated, the suction port is formed.
[0033] The air-conditioning casing is surrounded by a guide mold rear cover 21, a guide mold front cover 22, a guide mold side cover, and a flip cover, and the flip cover is located at the lower portion of the front cover of the guide mold; The flip cover is flipped outward, that is, the lower portion of the flip cover towards the direction away from the flip cover, at which time the stripping cover is formed between the flip cover and the air conditioner.
[0034] Such as figure 2 As shown, including the camera 11, and a controller mounted on the hood body and toward the cooker; the camera, lift execution assembly, and rotation execution assemblies are connected to the controller signal.
[0035] There are also some hoods that can lift down, but their lifting stroke is fixed. This lifting structure is generally turned down to drop, down to the maximum position, and return to the initial position after shutting down, and does not differ because of different cookers Adjust the height and the adaptability is poor.
[0036] The present invention identifies by a camera and an existing cooker recognition algorithm, a smoke recognition algorithm, a small size of the cooker, and the size of the smoke; the different cookers is different, and the smoke position is also different. After identifying the stove, it can control the protruding height of the suction port. The suction port is located at the smoke position, and the smoking effect is improved; when the smoke is large, the flip cover can be controlled to a larger angle, expand the area of ​​the suction port, improve the smoking effect; and can be used in different cookers The smoke size is distinguished to the suction port on the plurality of air-conditioning cases, such as control the suction port size, and the suction port height; although in theory, the suction mouth is opened to the maximum, which is conducive to absorbing the smoke, but the present invention Has a plurality of suction ports, and because the negative pressure inside the hood is determined, the larger the suction port, the smaller the negative pressure can be used in the other suction mouth, and the present invention is used to identify the smoke size, control suction The wind has a corresponding size, thereby achieving a negative pressure on-demand, and can reduce the overall negative pressure of the hood, saving energy when necessary.
[0037] In this embodiment, the cooker recognition algorithm employed is a common target recognition algorithm, such as a FAST-RCNN algorithm, YOLO algorithm; the smoke recognition algorithm can employ CN111931658A (a cooking oil identification method) method, prior art can also be employed. Other smoke recognition algorithms; through the camera acquisition image, the identification algorithm runs on the controller and performs components and rotates the component output command to the lift execution component.
[0038] Such as Figure 5 As shown, the rotation execution assembly includes a motor holder 42 that is fixedly coupled to the air-conditioning case, a flip motor 41 that is coupled to the motor holder, and the first connecting plate 45 fixed to the flip cover, and the first hinge 44 and The hinge connector 43; one end of the hinge connector is fixed to the rotation end of the flip motor, and the other end is hinged to the first hinge; one end of the first hinge is fixed to the first connection plate, and the other end is Motor holder hinges; the flip motor is signaling with the controller; the flip cover can be rotated from 0 ° to 90 °.
[0039] Such as Figure 5 As shown, the rotational execution assembly further includes a second hinge 44-1, a fixed bracket 42-1 that is fixedly coupled to the guide shean body, and a second connecting plate 45-1 that is fixedly coupled to the flip cover; One end of the two hinge is hinged from the fixed bracket and the other end is fixed to the second connecting plate.
[0040] The first connecting plate and the second connecting plate are bonded to the flip cover by silicone rubber; the rotation of the flip motor drives the hinge connector to rotate, and the hinge, the first connecting plate and the flip cover are rotated; fixed bracket, The two hinges and the second connecting plate functions to the rotation of the flip cover.
[0041] Such as Figure 4As shown, the lifting operation assembly includes a lifting motor 31 that is fixedly coupled to the hood body, and a rod 33 that is fitted with the lifting motor, a transverse bracket 35 fixed to the moving end 33-1 of the wire rod, and is fixed. On the hood body and vertically disposed guide rail 32, a side holder 34 coupled to the moving sub-fixed side of the guide rail; the lateral stent and the side holder are secured to the guiding casing; the guide shell is retracted to When the hood is in the hood, the bottom surface of the guide mold is parallel to the bottom surface of the hood body; the air-conditioning case does not occupy an additional space; the rising motor is signaling with the controller.
[0042] The rod converts the rotation of the lifting motor into the linear motion of the air-conditioning case, and the guide rail can improve the stability during the air of the air conditioner.
[0043] There are also some products in the prior art to achieve automatic lifting-down function, but these can lift the suction ports are limited by the hood structure, and the lifting stroke is shorter. The general lifting stroke is less than or equal to 150mm; the lifting execution component mounting in the present invention In the body of the hood body, and the guiding box can also be retracted into the hood body, in the case of the same range of hoods, the suction rising stroke in the present invention can reach 450 mm, and increase the lifting stroke to the original Around three times, and can stop in any position, improve the adaptability of the hood to different stoves,
[0044] Such as Figure 4 As shown, the bottom portion of the air-conditioning case is provided with a oil cup 24. The oil cup is due to the droplets falling in the guide mold.
[0045] Such as figure 1 As shown, the hood body can be combined with the cabinet, so that the bottom of the hood body is parallel to the bottom of the cabinet, and improve the kitchen space utilization.
[0046] It is apparent to those skilled in the art that the present invention is not limited to the details of the exemplary embodiments, and the present invention can be implemented in other specific forms without departing from the spirit or essential characteristics of the present invention. Therefore, in any point, embodiments should be regarded as exemplary, and non-limiting, the scope of the invention is defined by the appended claims, and thus is intended to fall according to the claims. All changes in the meaning and range of equivalents include in the present invention, and any reference numerals in the claims should not be regarded as the claims.
[0047] In addition, it should be understood that although this specification describes the embodiments, it is not to include only one independent technical solution, and this narrative method of the specification is for clarity, and those skilled in the art should use the specification as a whole. The technical solutions in each of the examples may also be combined, and other embodiments which will be appreciated by those skilled in the art can also be appropriately combined.


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