Bridge thin-wall anti-floating design waterproof wall

A waterproof wall and bridge book technology, applied in bridge construction, bridges, bridge parts, etc., can solve the problems of poor impact resistance, damage, and high maintenance difficulty

Active Publication Date: 2021-09-07
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[0003] Most of the existing waterproof walls are fixed at designated positions. When used for a long time, they will be damaged by the impact of external ...
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The invention discloses a bridge thin-wall anti-floating design waterproof wall, and belongs to the technical field of bridge thin-wall anti-floating. The bridge thin-wall anti-floating design waterproof wall comprises a bearing assembly, a pressure buffering reinforcing part and a maintenance part; the bearing assembly comprises a balance weight base, and a waterproof wall plate is movably arranged on the left side of the top of the balance weight base; the pressure buffering reinforcing part comprises a triangular guide seat fixed to one side of the waterproof wallboard, a box body is fixed to the middle of the top of the balance weight base, and a water guide pipe communicated with the guide seat is obliquely inserted into the side, close to the waterproof wallboard, of the guide seat; and the maintenance part is arranged at the top of the counterweight base. A guide seat is arranged, when the device is impacted by external water flow, the impact force can be effectively dispersed to the two sides, meanwhile, the water flow can enter the water guide seat through the water inlet hole, and after the water flow in the water guide seat reaches the corresponding height, the entering water flow enters the box body from the water guide pipe, water flow entering the box body and the water guide seat can give a certain load to the waterproof wall, so that the waterproof wall is higher in stability during use.

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  • Bridge thin-wall anti-floating design waterproof wall
  • Bridge thin-wall anti-floating design waterproof wall
  • Bridge thin-wall anti-floating design waterproof wall


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Example Embodiment

[0023] Example 1
[0024] See Figure 1-4 The present invention provides anti-floating bridge design book wall waterproof wall, including,
[0025] Receiving assembly 1, assembly 1 comprises a counterweight receiving base 11, the base 11 are four weeks counterweight defines mounting holes to facilitate use of the external fixing member at a predetermined position, the weight of the base 11 top left movable wall 12 is provided with a waterproof, waterproof right top wall 12 front and rear ends are articulated one end of the support bar 13 is adjusted, adjustable support rods 13 is widely used in the art, which will not be further described in detail, and the other end of the adjustable support rod 13 and the counterweight 11 of the base top articulating ;
[0026] Pressure relief reinforcing member 2, the pressure relief member 2 includes a fixed reinforcement 12 side of the triangular form of the waterproof wall 21 of the guide shoe, the impact on the flow guiding role play, and the inner opening 21 of the guide shoe with a cavity (not shown), a top side of the outer wall 12 of the guide shoe away from the waterproof wall 21 is provided with a uniform inlet hole communicating with the cavity, so that the impact on the water flow portion 21 of the guide shoe into the cavity through the inlet aperture 11 of the base weight central top fixed housing 22, the guide shoe 21 near the side wall 12 of the waterproof plug is provided with an inclined gutter 26 communicating, when the flow reaches the cavity corresponding to the desired height and then will flow into the gutter from 26 into the housing 22, and the other end of the water conduit 26 through the side wall 12 and the waterproof case 22;
[0027] Maintenance member 3, 3 disposed at the top member to maintain the weight of the base 11.
[0028] See Figure 1-2 , 22 inner bottom wall of the casing is fixed to the left and right sides are vertical cross-sectional T-shaped guide bar 23, the two sets of guide rods 23 is provided with an outer wall of the floating plate 24 slides, the floating plate defines a uniform through-hole 24, the housing 22 lumen position is above the guide bar 23 is provided with a longitudinal rotation shaft, using the bearing shaft end portion disposed in the housing 22, and the rotating shaft sleeve is fixed in the outer wall of the housing 22 is provided with the impeller 26 corresponding to the water conduit 25, into the box 22 such that the flow in the floating plate 24 is moved upward gradually as the guide bar 23, and the contact wheel by the flow of water into the gutter 26 25 25 driven such that the axis of rotation of the impeller;
[0029] See Figure 1-3 , The top of the housing front inner wall 22 is fixed to the wind means 210, means 210 of the wind and the wind exhaust fan housing (not shown), with the outer wall of the wind with a vent housing, the front end of the rotation shaft penetrating primer and fixing air ventilation fan housing, the impeller drive shaft 25 is rotated so that the rotation of the ventilation fan, so that the ambient gas into the outlet duct, the top case 22 is fixed to the support base 211 of the right-angled triangle, the support base 211 is hollow, the wind through the shell side of the duct lumen in communication with the support base 211, the inclined surface 211 of the support seat front to back isometric fixed interpolation cylinder 212 in communication with, the gas enters into the cylinder 211 supporting base 212;
[0030] See Figure 1-3 , The plurality of sets of cylinder 212 is provided to match the activities of the piston (not shown), and the piston side close to the water wall 12 is fixed to a piston rod and the cylinder 212 away from the support activities throughout the base 211 of a side and a spring sleeve 27, top wall 12 is fixed to the right side waterproof 213, a plurality of sets of the piston rod and the other end is fixed to the contact seat are in contact with the inclined surface 213 of the contact holder plate 214, into the gas in the cylinder 212 such that the piston moves within cylinder 212, in turn drives the piston rod 214 pressing the contact plate 213 contacts the seat, the support bar 13 to share the burden of adjustment support;
[0031] See Figure 1-3, Left inner side wall 22 and the casing 25 at a position below the impeller defines a rectangular outlet, the inner wall of the casing 22 and the left rectangle corresponds to the position of the outlet slide is provided with cooperating closure plate, the top sealing plate provided with a plurality of springs 27, 27 and the top and bottom of the insert at the fixed spring 22 fixed left inner side wall of the box, and an outer wall of the housing 22 corresponding to the left position of the rectangular outlet communicates fixed seat 28 in communication, and communication with the bottom of the front seat 28 side symmetric L-shaped fixed drain pipe 29 communicating, when the floating plate 24 is moved upward gradually as the guide rod 23 is to be to the highest point, the floating plate 24 upwardly so that the spring 27 pressing the sealing plate, thereby making the subsequent flow continues into into the seat 28 in communication through a rectangular outlet, and then discharged through the drain pipe 29.

Example Embodiment

[0032] Example 2
[0033] See figure 1 with Figure 4 Maintenance member 3 comprises two positioning blocks 31, the counterweight 11 at the top side of the base around each positioning block 31 defines with matching positioning groove, the bottom of the waterproof wall 12 is hinged at the top left side of the positioning block 31, two adjustable support rod 13 the other end 31 with a top front right side hinge positioning block, the weight of the base top 11 defines front and back sides are laterally limiting the chute 32, the chute 32 and the stop block 31 is positioned between the two groups, using the positioning block and a positioning groove 31 to facilitate preliminary positioning functions during the installation, the stopper 32 is T-shaped chute limiting chutes 32;
[0034] See figure 1 with Figure 4 , The middle two limiting chutes 32 are securely attached to the supporting block 33, two opposite side of the supporting block 33 are fixed to the lever 34 elastically stretchable, elastic telescopic rod 34 is widely used in the art, and will not do another detail described later, and two opposite end of the elastic telescopic rod 34 are securely connected to the slider 35, the slider 35 connected to T-shaped slider 35 is connected, and is connected to the slider 35 slidably disposed within the limiting chutes 32, two opposite side of the slider 35 are connected to fixed locking studs 36, 36 and the other end of the movable post card through the chute 32 and the positioning stopper groove, and two opposite side of the positioning block 31 defines front and rear ends each column 36 of the card matching hole card, connected to two sliders 35 are fixed to the top block for use is pulled manually pulled in the art.
[0035] The rest of the structure in Example 1
[0036] Compared to Example 1, Example 2 and adjusting the waterproof wall 12 are connected to one end of support rod 13 rotatably positioning block 31, so that the connecting block is pulled pulling left and right sides of the slider 35 toward each other, the positioning block 31 cards after the corresponding positioning groove, release under the effect of pulling the block 34 can be elastically extendable rod so that the connecting left and right sides of the slider 35 away from each other, so that the post card into the card 36 is reset positioning block 31 in the hole, achieve positioning block 31 is fixed in the positioning groove, the waterproof wall 12 to facilitate replacement and adjustment of the support bar 13 structure.
[0037] The standard parts used in the present invention can be purchased from the market, and the shaped parts can be customized according to the description of the book and the description of the drawings. The specific connection of each part is used in the prior art bolts, rivets, welding, etc. Regular means, machinery, parts and equipment are in the prior art, and the conventional models, plus circuit connections use the conventional connection of conventional connections in the prior art, which is not detailed herein.


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