Bolt connection assembly type L-shaped double-steel-plate concrete composite wall

A double steel plate and concrete technology, applied in the direction of walls, building components, buildings, etc., can solve the problems of steel plate stress concentration, increase the difficulty of on-site construction, etc., and achieve the effect of improving efficiency, simple and easy connection method, and safe and reliable connection method.

Pending Publication Date: 2022-01-04
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The traditional L-shaped perforated double-steel composite wall is generally connected by welding, which ca...
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The invention discloses a bolt connection assembly type L-shaped double-steel-plate concrete composite wall, and belongs to the field of constructional engineering. The bolt connection assembly type L-shaped double-steel-plate concrete composite wall comprises a first dumbbell-shaped connection double-steel-plate concrete composite wall (hereinafter referred to as a first wall), a second dumbbell-shaped connection double-steel-plate concrete composite wall (hereinafter referred to as a second wall) and connection bolts. Each of the first wall and the second wall comprises perforated double steel plates, dumbbell-shaped connection pieces, toggle pins and filled concrete. Bolt holes are pre-formed in the first wall, built-in threaded sleeves are welded to corresponding positions, and bolt holes are pre-formed in the second wall; and the connection bolts sequentially penetrate through the bolt holes of the second wall and the first wall and are screwed into the built-in threaded sleeves of the first wall, the first wall and the second wall are perpendicularly connected to form an L shape, and finally, filling concrete is poured on the construction site. The invention has the remarkable advantages of being simple construction process, low construction environment dependence and safe and reliable in connection. Flexible application and connection of the building walls can be realized by adjusting the lengths and the widths of the wall limbs of the first wall and the second wall.

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  • Bolt connection assembly type L-shaped double-steel-plate concrete composite wall
  • Bolt connection assembly type L-shaped double-steel-plate concrete composite wall
  • Bolt connection assembly type L-shaped double-steel-plate concrete composite wall


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Example Embodiment

[0028] And following with reference to the specific embodiments of the present invention will be further described.
[0029] as the picture shows:
[0030] A bolted assembly of formula L-shaped double plate concrete wall compositions, comprising a dumbbell shaped double plate connecting hole walls a concrete composition 1 (hereinafter referred to as a wall 1), dumbbell-shaped connecting apertures double plate concrete wall compositions two body 2 (hereinafter referred to as wall = 2) and the connecting bolt 3. The wall 1 and a 2 of the two walls perpendicular to each other, the two vertical connection wall connecting bolts 3 via a combination of L-shaped wall.
[0031] The wall 1 and a wall 2 comprises two dual aperture plate 4, dumbbell-shaped connecting member 5, and 6 peg 7 concrete infill.
[0032] 1 according to a double wall aperture plate 4 is welded by two L-shaped plate 4a made of roll-formed rectangular cross section overall double plate, a uniform circular aperture plate opening.
[0033] It said two wall opening 2 of a double plate 4 is a roll-formed by a U-shaped sheet equilateral 4b a cross-sectional shape and a shaped plate 4c is welded The overall shape of the steel sheet, the uniform circular holes open U-shaped sheet 4b.
[0034] The dumbbell-shaped connecting member 5 is located in the wall, a bowl-shaped stamping ends 5a and 5b one pair of tie-bolt welded components. 5a bowl-shaped stampings outer diameter larger than the circular aperture openings of the double plate, connected to both sides of the circular aperture openings 4 double plate steel welded position.
[0035] The peg 6 is located in the wall, connected to the openings on both sides of double-plate welding, a welding position is shifted dumbbell-shaped connecting member position.
[0036] The inner wall of a concrete filled walls 1 and 2 to complete the final casting two connection.
[0037] 2. The opening of the wall of the pre-opening double-plate 1 a bolt hole and the threaded sleeve 8 built welding, bolt hole positions shifted position and a circular hole soldering peg. The built-in threaded sleeve 8 comprises a first and a second built-in threaded sleeve 8a built 8B threaded sleeve, threaded inside, and the connection bolts.
[0038] 3. The wall of the bolt holes on the pre-opening two double plate 2, bolt hole positions shifted position and a circular hole 6 of the welding stud.
[0039] 4. Application of the connection bolt 3 in the wall 1 and a vertical connection of two walls 2, comprising a first connecting bolts 3a and the second connecting bolts 3b.
[0040] Said first connecting bolts bolt holes 3a passes through two walls 2, the wall 1 of a bolt hole, is screwed into the wall of the first built a threaded sleeve 1 8a.
[0041] Said second connecting bolts bolt holes 3b passes through two walls 2, the wall 1 of a bolt hole, a second wall built screwed a threaded sleeve 1 8b.
[0042] 5. It should be noted that those of ordinary skilled in the art the art, without departing from the principles of the present invention, can make various improvements, wherein the thickness of the connecting bolts, the number of rows, and spacing of apertures double plate, diameter of the aperture, the opening distance is calculated from the actual situation, such modifications and variations shall also be considered in the scope of the present invention. The present invention will be described not taking part of the prior art can be realized.
[0043] 6. In order to facilitate showing the internal structure, Figure 1-6 Double plate opening is a partial cross-sectional view.


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