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Definition of microstructure : the microscopic structure of a material (such as a mineral or a biological cell) : microscopic structure (as of a cell)

Method and apparatus for determining absolute position of a tip of an elongate object on a plane surface with invariant features

A method and apparatus for determining a pose of an elongate object and an absolute position of its tip while the tip is in contact with a plane surface having invariant features. The surface and features are illuminated with a probe radiation and a scattered portion, e.g., the back-scattered portion, of the probe radiation returning from the plane surface and the feature to the elongate object at an angle τ with respect to an axis of the object is detected. The pose is derived from a response of the scattered portion to the surface and the features and the absolute position of the tip on the surface is obtained from the pose and knowledge about the feature. The probe radiation can be directed from the object to the surface at an angle σ to the axis of the object in the form of a scan beam. The scan beam can be made to follow a scan pattern with the aid of a scanning arrangement with one or more arms and one or more uniaxial or biaxial scanners. Angle τ can also be varied, e.g., with the aid of a separate or the same scanning arrangement as used to direct probe radiation to the surface. The object can be a pointer, a robotic arm, a cane or a jotting implement such as a pen, and the features can be edges, micro-structure or macro-structure belonging to, deposited on or attached to the surface which the tip of the object is contacting.

Lithium ion battery phosphatic composite cathode material and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a lithium ion battery phosphatic composite cathode material and a preparation method thereof. The composite material is a multinuclear core shell structure composed of a plurality of cores and a housing layer, the cores are lithium iron phosphate particles wrapped by lithium vanadium phosphate and the housing layer is amorphous carbon. Preparation of the lithium iron phosphate particles wrapped by lithium vanadium phosphate comprises the following steps: preparing precursor sol with a sol gel method, adding lithium iron phosphate powder to disperse uniformly, carrying out spray drying on the above mixture, calcining the above resultant in inert gas, and followed by cooling and grinding to obtain the lithium iron phosphate particles wrapped by lithium vanadium phosphate. Preparation of the composite cathode material comprises the following steps: dissolving a carbon source compound into deionized water, adding core materials, dispersing the above resultant uniformly, carrying out second spray drying, calcining the above resultant in inert gas, and followed by cooling to obtain the composite cathode material. The composite material prepared in the invention has good electronic conduction performance, good ionic conduction performance and excellent electrochemistry performance. Because of existence of lithium vanadium phosphate, energetic density of a material is raised. Because of the multinuclear core shell structure like nano/micro structures, the composite material has good processing performance, and tap density of the material is greatly raised.
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