Full-floating mandrel tandem-rolling seamless steel pipe production process

A technology of seamless steel pipe and production process, applied in the direction of metal rolling, etc., can solve the problems of low production efficiency, high consumption, high pollution, etc., and achieve the effect of fast rolling rhythm, high output and saving production cost

Inactive Publication Date: 2011-01-26
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[0002] The traditional perforation + automatic pipe rolling machine + cold drawn seamless ste...
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The invention discloses a full-floating mandrel tandem-rolling seamless steel pipe production process for solving the problem of low production efficiency, high consumption and high pollution in the traditional perforation, lube rolling mill and cold drawn seamless steel tube production process. The production process comprises the following steps of: heating, heating pipe blanks in a heating furnace; perforating, perforating the heated pipe blanks by a provided perforator; carrying out diameter reduction by utilizing six stand hollow billets: reducing diameter of the perforated tubular billets by a six-stand hollow billets diameter reducer; carrying out eight stand tandem rolling, extensively rolling the tubular billets after the diameter reduction by utilizing the six stand hollow billets by a tandem rolling pipe mill continuously provided with the eight stands; carrying out single stand mandrel removing, removing mandrels from pierced billets with mandrels after the eight stand tandem rolling by a single-stand mandrel removing machine; carrying out 28-stand tension diameter reducing, rolling the pierced billets after mandrel removing in an 28-stand tension diameter reducer to form hot finished-product steel pipes; and finishing, finishing the hot finished-product steel pipes to form finished-product steel pipes.

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Metal rolling arrangements

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  • Full-floating mandrel tandem-rolling seamless steel pipe production process
  • Full-floating mandrel tandem-rolling seamless steel pipe production process


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[0022] In order to enable those skilled in the art to better understand the solutions of the present invention, and to make the above-mentioned objects, features and advantages of the present invention more obvious and understandable, the present invention will be further described in detail below with reference to the accompanying drawings and embodiments.
[0023] Such as figure 1 As shown, the production process of the full floating mandrel continuous rolling seamless steel pipe provided by the present invention includes the following steps:
[0024] Heating The billet is heated in a heating furnace.
[0025] The heating furnace can be an inclined bottom heating furnace, an annular heating furnace, or a walking heating furnace, and the heating temperature range is 1100-1280°C;
[0026] Piercing Set a piercing machine to pierce the heated tube.
[0027] The perforator can be a vertical fungus perforator or a Diesel vertical perforator;
[0028] 6-frame hollow billet reducing machine A 6-frame hollow billet reducing machine is installed after the piercing machine, and the perforated capillary tube is reduced on the 6-frame hollow billet reducing machine.
[0029] The hollow billet reducing machine can be a three-roll hollow billet reducing machine;
[0030] 8-stand continuous rolling After the 6-stand hollow billet reducer, an 8-stand continuous rolling is set up, and the capillary tube after the 6-stand hollow billet is reduced through the 8-stand continuous tube mill for extension rolling.
[0031] The continuous tube rolling mill can be MPM continuous tube rolling mill or PQF three-roll continuous tube rolling mill;
[0032] Single-stand stripping After 8-stand continuous rolling, a single-stand stripping machine is installed to move the waste tube and mandrel after 8-stand continuous rolling out of the rolling line. The waste tube is constrained by axial force and hydraulic opening and closing calipers Do not move, use the stripping device to extract the core rod from the waste pipe.
[0033] The stripping machine can be a single-frame stripping machine;
[0034] 28-frame tension reducing machine is equipped with a 28-frame tension reducing machine after the single-stand stripping machine. The waste pipe after stripping enters the 28-stand tension reducing machine for rolling to form a hot finished steel pipe. The number of racks used in actual production depends on the product specifications. Different product specifications use different numbers of racks. Up to 28 racks can be used. The maximum diameter reduction can reach 75% to 80%, and the maximum wall reduction can reach 35% to 40%, the elongation coefficient can reach 6-8, and the exit speed can reach 16m/s.
[0035] The tension reducer can be a 28-frame three-roll tension reducer;
[0036] Finishing After finishing the hot finished steel pipe, the finished steel pipe is formed.
[0037] The finishing process is the further processing of the hot finished steel pipe after cooling, including soot blowing, straightening, cutting off hair and tail, manual inspection, flaw detection, hydraulic test, spray printing, anti-corrosion coating, metering, etc. Any combination of processes that actually require the work, and finally obtain commercial steel pipes.
[0038] The rolling mentioned in this process step is carried out in the determined sizing and reducing pass system according to the designed total reduction rate, and the determined sizing and reducing pass system is designed according to the production specification range and product requirements. This process The number of equipment racks, inlet rolling speed, rack and equipment parameters in the steps are determined according to the pass system.


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