Rubber-insulated wire optical cable

A technology of covered fiber optic cable and tightly wrapped optical fiber, applied in the direction of fiber mechanical structure, etc., can solve the problems of no reinforcement, strength influence, easy to be torn, etc., and achieve the effect of enhancing strength

Inactive Publication Date: 2012-03-14
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but it does not have stiffeners (such as figure 1 shown), its strength is greatly a...
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The invention relates to a rubber-insulated wire optical cable which comprises at least one tightly packaged fiber and a jacket for covering outside the tightly packaged fiber, wherein the tightly packaged fiber comprises a polyvinyl fluoride reinforced optical fiber. The rubber-insulated wire optical cable also comprises a reinforced member, wherein the jacket is an 8-shaped jacket, and the reinforced member and the tightly packaged fiber are respectively arranged on two circle enters of the 8-shaped jacket. The reinforced member is additionally arranged on the tightly packaged fiber, thus the optical fiber meets the requirement of minimum bending radius and the strength of the optical cable is greatly enhanced.

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Fibre mechanical structures

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PhysicsEngineering +4


  • Rubber-insulated wire optical cable
  • Rubber-insulated wire optical cable
  • Rubber-insulated wire optical cable


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Example Embodiment

[0021] Example one
[0022] Such as figure 2 , 3 As shown, the sheathed optical fiber cable includes a tightly-packed optical fiber 1, a sheath 2 covering the tightly-packed optical fiber 1, a reinforcement member 3, and the sheath 2 is a figure-eight-shaped sheath, and the reinforcement member 3 The tightly-packed optical fiber 1 and the tightly-packed optical fiber 1 are respectively located at the two centers of the sheath 2.
[0023] The tightly-packed optical fiber 1 includes an optical fiber core 11, a cladding 12 covering the fiber core 11, a resin coating 13 covering the cladding 12, and a polyfluoroethylene covering the outer periphery of the resin coating 13. Vinyl sheath 14. The resin coating 13 is a UV curing acrylic resin coating. The polyvinyl fluoride protective layer 14 is extruded outside the resin coating 13. The reinforcing member 3 is made of FRP material.

Example Embodiment

[0024] Example two
[0025] Such as Figure 4 As shown, the difference from the first embodiment is that in the second embodiment, the sheath 2 is covered with two tightly-packed optical fibers.


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