Method for generating cosine differential signal

A technology of signal generation and cosine difference, applied in electric pulse generator circuits, instruments, computer control, etc., can solve problems such as complex hardware circuits, low precision, and influence of output waveforms, and achieve high precision, convenient operation, and reliability high effect

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[0002] At present, the existing method to generate cosine signal is built by analog circuit, the hardware circuit is complex, and the hardware circuit need...
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Method used

The present invention adopts high-speed signal processor DSP, well solved adopting analog circuit to build the complex problem of hardware circuit in the prior art; In addition, ...
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The invention relates to a method for generating a cosine differential signal. The method comprises the steps of: calculating anticosine by using a DSP (digital signal processor), equally dividing a domain of definition [-1,1] into 10000 parts, namely, 10000 control pulses can be output within a period, converting each part into an IQ value, calculating an anticosine value according to the values of the equally divided values, wherein the anticosine value corresponds to an angle; converting the IQ values into a floating-point number, figuring out the angle difference of each part, multiplying the angle difference of each part by a coefficient, converting into an integer, storing the calculated value as an array DATA [10000], wherein the array value is used as the reference calculated by a CPU (Central Processing Unit) timer; enabling each value of the array to correspond to an actual pulse width, and interrupting the output through timing of a DSP timer to form a difference pulse signal capable of controlling the position of the motor. According to the method, the anticosine basic value is stored by adopting an array mode, and thus the operation time of the DSP is greatly reduced, and the output waveform is high in precision, stable, and high in reliability.

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Programme controlComputer control +2

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  • Method for generating cosine differential signal
  • Method for generating cosine differential signal
  • Method for generating cosine differential signal


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Example Embodiment

[0011] The present invention will be further explained below in conjunction with the drawings in the specification:
[0012] A method for generating cosine differential signals, using DSP digital signal processor to calculate arc cosine through C language programming; dividing the domain value [-1, 1] into 10000 equal parts, that is, 10000 control pulses can be output in one cycle, Each aliquot is converted to an IQ value, and the arc cosine is calculated according to the divided value. The arc cosine actually corresponds to an angle; the calculated IQ value is converted to a floating point number, and then the angle difference corresponding to each aliquot is calculated. Multiply the angle difference of equal parts by the coefficient, and then convert it into an integer value. The calculated value is stored as the array DATA[10000]. The array value is used as the basis for the CPU timer calculation. In the program, the array value is stored in FLASH, waiting to be called ; Each value of the array corresponds to the actual pulse width, and finally the output is periodically interrupted through the DSP timer to form a differential pulse signal that can control the position of the motor.
[0013] The DSP timer timer interrupt process is as follows: First, the Peroio_counter timer value is loaded into the period register PRD. When the pulse output is allowed, the system outputs pulses. If it is disabled, the pulses are not output. The field is protected, and then the interrupt returns; Count. If 10,000 pulses are output, the Period_Times counter is reset, and then the motor control direction is changed, and the Period_Times counter continues to increase; if the pulses are not output, the system extracts and calculates a new Peroio_counter timer value, and the Period_Times counter continues to increase; On-site protection, interrupt and return.
[0014] The parameters of the differential pulse signal are set by buttons to form control signals with different frequencies; the final pulse signal is output to the servo drive, thereby controlling the servo motor to operate according to position control; the control process is: initialize DSP timer 1, initialize AD analog voltage The sampling unit then reads the AD value and performs digital filtering to detect the status of each switch and button. If it detects that the switch NC1 is pressed, the system resets the pulse to output each variable, loads the timer value, and the pulse enable flag is set to 1, and then judges the display Status flag bit LCD_flashstate, LCD displays the current parameter status; if NC1 is not pressed, the pulse enable flag position is 0, the program reads the new AD circle value, and then judges the display status flag bit LCD_flashstate, LCD displays the current parameter status, and finally the program returns Continue to read the AD value and continue to loop.
[0015] The invention adopts a high-speed signal processor DSP, which solves the complex problem of using analog circuits to build hardware circuits in the prior art; in addition, the base value of arc cosine is saved in an array mode, which facilitates calculations and greatly reduces DSP calculation time , The output waveform has high precision, stability and reliability.


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