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System for and method of transmitting and receiving program, center device, and terminal device

A program transmitting/receiving system has a center device and a terminal device connected through a communication device to the center device. The center device has a program information memory, a program information transmitter, a broadcasting device, and a request program transmitter. The terminal device has a program information receiver, a program receiver, an image information generator, a program request signal transmitter, and a request program receiver. The memory stores a program information. The program information transmitter transmits the program information to the terminal device. The broadcasting device broadcasts the program to the terminal device in accordance with a schedule, and stores the program. The request program transmitter receives a request signal of the program from the terminal device, and transmits the program corresponding to the request signal to the terminal device. Then, the program information receiver receives the program information. The a program receiver receives the program. The image information generator generates an image information for a program selection of a user on the basis of the program information. The program request signal transmitter transmits the request signal of the program selected by the user to the center device, if the program selected in accordance with the image information is a past broadcast program. The request program receiver receives the program corresponding to the request signal.
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