Reel type water writing cloth copybook

A technology for writing cloth and copybooks in water, applied in the field of calligraphy tools, can solve the problems of inconvenience to carry, unable to know that the writer is out of copybooks, etc., and achieves the effect of being convenient to carry.

Inactive Publication Date: 2013-05-15
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[0002] At present, water-writing cloth or water-writing paper type copybooks have the advantage of dipping a brush in water and writing as you write, which can save the process of grinding ink...
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The invention relates to a reel type water writing cloth copybook and relates to the field of calligraphy tools. The reel type water writing cloth copybook is characterized by comprising a reel, a reel rod and a water writing cloth copybook body. The reel and the reel rod are respectively connected with two longitudinal edges on two sides of the water writing cloth copybook body. The water writing cloth copybook body is provided with character rows formed by calligraphic standard characters and blank rows without characters. The character rows and the blank rows are arranged on the water writing cloth copybook body at intervals along the direction perpendicular to the transverse direction of the reel. The water writing cloth copybook can be replaced by a water writing paper copybook, and has the advantages of enabling a user to carrying out character copying and character imitation simultaneously and being convenient to carry.

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  • Reel type water writing cloth copybook


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[0010] Put water writing cloth or water writing paper on the longitudinal sides of the copybook. After connecting and fixing with the scroll and the scroll rod in the way of mounting painting, the calligraphy model characters are printed on the water writing cloth or water writing paper horizontally and line by line. The fonts of the calligraphy include at least: fine art font, Yan Zhenqing style , Wang Xizhi style, Liu Gongquan style, Ouyang Xun style, Lishu style, general teaching edition.
[0011] The column of calligraphy model characters or/and the blank column without characters can be divided into grids, and the number of grids is equal to the number of characters in the column of calligraphy model characters.


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