A kind of polypeptide pro-infection agent

A reagent and sequence technology, applied in the fields of peptides, genetic material components, gene therapy, etc., can solve the problem of low infection efficiency of lentiviral vector system

Active Publication Date: 2017-07-21
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Problems solved by technology

[0003] In order to solve the problem of low infection efficiency of the retroviral vector system and the lentiviral vector system in the prior art, the present invention provides a reagent for promo...
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The invention relates to a polypeptide with HIV infection promoting ability. The HIV infection promoting polypeptide comprises a peptide sequence, containing a terminal C peptide of near extramembrane fragment MPER fragment of an HIV-1 envelope protein GP41. The polypeptide infection promoting agent provided by the invention has significant activity in promoting envelope viral infection, and shows activity superior to that of a common infection promoting agent DEAE at a cellular level. Therefore, the polypeptide infection promoting agent plays an important role in the development of retroviral or lentiviral gene therapy.

Application Domain

Genetic material ingredientsPeptides +1

Technology Topic

PeptideCellular level +7


  • A kind of polypeptide pro-infection agent
  • A kind of polypeptide pro-infection agent
  • A kind of polypeptide pro-infection agent


  • Experimental program(4)

Example Embodiment

[0018] Example 1
[0019] Peptide Design
[0020] Table 1
[0022] Characterization of pro-infectious activity
[0023] figure 1 Comparison of pro-infection activities of MPER, NK13 and QW13.

Example Embodiment

[0024] Example 2
[0025] Peptide Design
[0026] Table 2
[0027] name describe sequence sequence listing NK13 C-terminal polypeptide of MPER region Ac-NWFDITNWLWYIK SEQ ID NO:1 NK16 NK13-derived peptides Ac-NWFDITNWLWYIKKKK SEQ ID NO:2
[0028] Characterization of pro-infectious activity
[0029] figure 2 Comparison of pro-infection activities of NK16 and NK13.
[0030] Compared with the activity of commonly used pro-infection reagents
[0031] image 3 Comparison of the pro-infection activity of NK16 and DEAE dextran at different infection times.
[0032] Application to other enveloped virus infections
[0033] Figure 4 GFP fluorescence flow cytometric analysis of Hela cells infected with FIV/VSV-G.

Example Embodiment

[0034] Example 3
[0035] Figure 5 Pro-infection activity of NK16 under different ionic strength conditions.
[0036] Image 6 Pro-infection activity of NK16 at different pH conditions.


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