Bottle opener provided with USB flash disk

A bottle opener and integrated technology, which is applied in the field of bottle openers, can solve the problems of single function, bottle opener does not have storage and transmission data, etc., and achieves the effects of easy use, easy prying, and convenient recycling

Inactive Publication Date: 2013-08-28
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Problems solved by technology

The corkscrew does not have the function of storin...
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Method used

The present invention has the bottle opener of U disk, can realize the function of general U disk by U disk main body 2, is used for transmitting data respectively, easy to use; Can open bottle wine bottle cap by prying head 3, by prying Part 4 ...
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The invention discloses a bottle opener provided with a USB flash disk. The bottle opener provided with the USB flash disk comprises a handle made of stainless steel, wherein a USB flash disk body is arranged at one end of the handle, a prying head is arranged at the other end of the handle, the prying head comprises a prying part and a supporting part, a prying mouth made of stainless steel is arranged on the prying part, and the prying mouth is flat. The bottle opener provided with the USB flash disk can be used for removing a wine bottle cap as well as saving and transmitting data. The wine bottle cap can be removed with the prying head through the cooperation of the prying part and the supporting part with the prying mouth, and especially, the flat prying mouth enables the prying of the wine bottle cap to be more convenient. The wine bottle cap can be attracted by a magnet piece to be recycled conveniently.

Application Domain

Flanged caps removal

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  • Bottle opener provided with USB flash disk


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Example Embodiment

[0012] The preferred embodiments of the present invention will be described in detail below in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, so that the advantages and features of the present invention can be more easily understood by those skilled in the art, and the protection scope of the present invention will be defined more clearly.
[0013] Such as figure 1 As shown, a bottle opener with a U disk includes a handle 1 made of stainless steel. One end of the handle 1 is provided with a U disk main body 2, and the other end of the handle 1 is provided with a prying head 3, and the prying head 3 includes The prying portion 4 and the supporting portion 6 are provided with a prying nozzle 5 made of stainless steel on the prying portion 4, and the prying nozzle 5 is flat. The supporting portion 6 is provided with a magnet piece 7, the magnet piece 7 and the supporting portion 6 It is an integrated structure, the prying nozzle 5 and the handle 1 are an integrated structure, and the top surface of the supporting portion 6 is an inclined surface.
[0014] The bottle opener with a U disk of the present invention can realize the functions of a general U disk through the U disk main body 2, which is used to transmit data separately and is convenient to use; the lid of the bottle wine bottle can be opened by the prying head 3, and the prying part 4 and The supporting part 6 cooperates with the prying to easily pry open the wine bottle cap. The flat prying nozzle 5 is more convenient to pry open the wine bottle cap; the magnet piece 7 attracts the cap of the bottle wine bottle to facilitate the recovery of the bottle wine bottle cap.
[0015] The above shows and describes the basic principles, main features and advantages of the present invention. Those skilled in the industry should understand that the present invention is not limited by the above-mentioned embodiments. The above-mentioned embodiments and the description only illustrate the principles of the present invention. The present invention will have various aspects without departing from the spirit and scope of the present invention. Various changes and improvements, these changes and improvements fall within the scope of the claimed invention. The scope of protection claimed by the present invention is defined by the appended claims and their equivalents.


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