Complete machine of magnetic suspension type propeller-driven aircraft engine

An aircraft engine and propeller technology, which is applied in the construction of power plants and other directions, can solve the problems of flight safety hazards, thrust bearing wear, and shortened flight range of aircraft.

Inactive Publication Date: 2014-03-26
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In this way, the aircraft will consume at least 30% of the fuel, which will shorten the flight range of the aircraft and reduce the overall perfor...
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The invention discloses a complete machine of a magnetic suspension type propeller-driven aircraft engine. The complete machine mainly and structurally comprises an outer shell, a main shaft, a propeller, an internal-combustion engine, a magnetic suspension bearing and the like. The propeller is arranged on the main shaft, the internal-combustion engine is arranged on the rear portion of the propeller, and the magnetic suspension bearing is arranged on the rearmost portion of the complete machine.

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Power plant construction

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[0004] The utility model relates to a complete magnetic levitation propeller aircraft engine. The main structure includes a casing, a main shaft, a propeller, an internal combustion engine and a magnetic suspension bearing.


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