Printing grey balance presetting method

A technology of gray balance and printing machine, applied in printing, printing machine, printing device and other directions, can solve the problems of inability to guarantee accurate reproduction of gray balance, poor layering of printed matter, etc., to achieve sustainable development and improve printing production efficiency , improve the effect of adaptation

Active Publication Date: 2014-08-06
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Among them, the dot expansion control method realizes gray balance control through CMY dot expansion. Although it can accurately reproduce CMYK four-color dots, it cannot guarantee accurate reproduction of gray balance.
The method of ma...
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Method used

The present invention overcomes the difficult problem that traditional gray balance preset technology period is long, cost is high and repeatability is poor, on the basis of establishing process control system and correction in CTP plate-making system and printing machine system, by adopting standardized printing method to obtain Standard test samples, measured data and calculated gray balance compensation curve, realize accurate gray balance data can be obtained in one printing, greatly improving the production ef...
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The invention provides a printing grey balance presetting method. A standardized printing test method is used for acquiring website expansion data, grey balance data and the like under different material combinations, then, a specific algorithm is used for presetting grey balance through website expansion, and accordingly the grey balance effect of a printing specimen page can better meet the visual characteristic requirement. By means of the printing grey balance presetting method, printing grey balance presetting is high in efficiency, high in precision and short in cycle; the advantages of being simple in structure, low in cost, high in precision and convenient to implement in printing production management are achieved; the printing grey balance presetting method can be applied to printing grey balance presetting in the spray painting field, the printing and dyeing textile field and other fields in an expandable mode.

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Other printing apparatusPrinting press parts +1

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Production controlStandardization +3


  • Printing grey balance presetting method
  • Printing grey balance presetting method
  • Printing grey balance presetting method


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Example Embodiment

[0038] The present invention will be further explained below in conjunction with the drawings in the specification:
[0039] Such as figure 1 , figure 2 with image 3 As shown, a printing gray balance preset method includes the following steps:
[0040] Step 1. Create a database of printed substrates
[0041] According to the substrate brand, substrate type, and substrate chromaticity used by the printing company, a printed substrate database is established based on the substrate name as the only retrieval basis and characterized by the substrate brand, substrate type, and substrate chromaticity.
[0042] Step 2. Establish a printing gray balance test standard
[0043] According to the type of CTP and the type of printing machine of general-purpose computer direct plate making equipment of printing enterprise, design printing gray balance test standard plate. The printing test standard includes the following elements: gray balance correction module, IT8.7/4 color target, CMYKGRB dot ladder, gray balance gradient ladder, registration cross, printing measurement control strip, main observation view.
[0044] Step 3. Set the print job benchmark
[0045] According to the selected printing substrate, printing ink and printing machine, the printing operation benchmark is set through the printing measurement control strip and IT8.7/4 color target, including:
[0046] 3-1. Adjust the water system, ink system and pressure system according to the specifications of the printer maintenance manual, and calibrate the printer;
[0047] 3-2. Calibrate CTP linearization in accordance with the general requirements of CTP process control;
[0048] 3-3. Output the printing gray balance test plate without loading any printing compensation curve;
[0049] 3-4. According to the general requirements of printing press process control, monitor the conductivity, PH value and temperature of the fountain solution of the printing press.
[0050] Step 4. Printing and sampling of gray balance test samples
[0051] 4-1. According to the requirements of ISO12647-2, the gray balance test sample is printed, and the test sample parameters meet the following requirements: the main observer tries to reproduce the tone well, has no dirty spots, the ink balance is normal, and the edges of the dots are clear and covered with a magnifying glass. The quasi-cross line registration error is less than 0.02mm, the density error of each ink area of ​​the measurement and control strip is within ±0.05, and the chromaticity value of CMYKRGB meets the chromaticity requirements of ISO12647-2;
[0052] 4-2. When the requirements of step 4-1 are met, then print 1000 sheets and sample 1 sheet every 100 sheets;
[0053] 4-3. Perform data measurement on the sample samples again and define the samples that meet step 4-1 as standard test samples and label them.
[0054] Step 5. Sample data measurement and gray balance calculation
[0055] 5-1. Use universal color measurement equipment to measure the gray balance correction module in the standard test sample, correct the gray balance target according to the chromaticity a and b values ​​of the substrate, and calculate the gray balance curve;
[0056] 5-2. Use general-purpose color measuring equipment to measure the CMY dot expansion scale in the standard test sample, and use the dot expansion value defined in ISO12647-2 to calculate the CMY dot expansion correction curve using the general dot expansion curve correction method;
[0057] 5-3. Correct the gray balance curve according to the gray balance curve and CMY dot enlargement correction curve obtained in steps 5-1 and 5-2, and finally obtain the printed gray balance curve.
[0058] Step 6. Establish printing gray balance curve database
[0059] For different substrates in step 1, repeat steps 2 to 5, and create a database of printing gray balance curves for different substrates based on the name of the substrate and printing conditions.
[0060] The method for presetting the gray balance of printing is characterized in that the substrate database described in step 1 is classified based on the characteristics of the substrate brand, the substrate type, and the substrate chromaticity.
[0061] The described method for presetting the gray balance of printing is characterized in that the printing gray balance test standard described in step 2 is a gray balance correction module, IT8.7/4 color target, CMYKGRB dot ladder, gray Balance the gradation ladder, register crosshairs, printed measurement and control strips, and the graphics of the main observation.
[0062] The method for presetting gray balance for printing is characterized in that the correction formula for gray balance correction in step 5-1 is as follows:
[0064] Among them, C represents the percentage of dots printed in cyan.
[0065] The described method for preset printing gray balance is characterized in that the printing gray balance curve described in step 5-3 not only meets the gray balance standard related to the substrate, but also meets the dots defined in ISO12647-2 Expand requirements.
[0066] The invention overcomes the problems of long cycle, high cost and poor repeatability of traditional gray balance preset technology. On the basis of establishing process control system and calibration for CTP plate making system and printing machine system, standard test samples are obtained by adopting standardized printing methods. , Measure the data and calculate the generated gray balance compensation curve to achieve accurate gray balance data in one printing, which greatly improves the production efficiency of printing enterprises.
[0067] The invention performs gray balance correction through the chromaticity of the substrate, which can effectively match the visual characteristics of the human eye, enables different substrates to print printed materials with equivalent visual effects, and has positive significance for printing quality control. At the same time, the method can be popularized and applied to the fields of inkjet printing, printing, dyeing and textile, etc., with high applicability and social value.


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