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Curable liquids and inks for toys and food packaging applications

A free radical curable liquid for inkjet printing of food packaging materials includes no initiator or otherwise one or more initiators selected from the group consisting of non-polymeric di- or multifunctional initiators, oligomeric initiators, polymeric initiators, and polymerizable initiators; and a polymerizable composition of the liquid consists essentially of: a) 25-100 wt % of one or more polymerizable compounds A having at least one acrylate group G1 and at least one second ethylenically unsaturated polymerizable functional group G2 selected from the group consisting of a vinlyether group, an allylether group, and a allylester group; b) 0-55 wt % of one or more polymerizable compounds B selected from the group consisting of monofunctional acrylates and difunctional acrylates; and c) 0-55 wt % of one or more polymerizable compounds C selected from the group consisting of trifunctional acrylates, tetrafunctional acrylates, pentafunctional acrylates and hexafunctional acrylates. If the weight percentage of compounds B>24 wt %, then the weight percentage of compounds C>1 wt %, and all weight percentages of A, B, and C are based upon the total weight of the polymerizable composition. At least one polymerizable compound B or C is present in the polymerizable composition if the free radical curable liquid contains no initiator.

Light emitting apparatus and method for curing inks, coatings and adhesives

A UV curing apparatus and method is provided for enhancing the distribution and application of UV light to UV photo initiators in a UV curable ink, coating or adhesive. The UV curing apparatus and method comprises UV LED assemblies in a first row with the UV LED assemblies spaced from adjacent UV LED assemblies. At least one second row of a plurality of UV LED assemblies are provided next to the first row but with the UV LED assemblies of the second row positioned adjacent the spaces between adjacent UV LED assemblies in the first row thereby to stagger the second row of UV LED assemblies from the UV LED assemblies in the first row. Desirably, the rows of staggered UV LED assemblies are mounted on a panel. UV curable products, articles or other objects containing UV photo initiators that are in or on a web can be conveyed or otherwise moved past the rows of UV LED assemblies for effective UV curing. This arrangement facilitates more uniformly application of UV light on the UV curable ink, coating and/or adhesives in the UV curable products, articles or other objects. The apparatus can include one or more of the following: rollers for moving the web, mechanisms for causing the panel to move in an orbital or reciprocal path, and an injection tube for injecting a non-oxygen gas in the area of UV light curing.

Power saving automatic zoned dryer apparatus and method

InactiveUS6877247B1Eliminates and greatly reduces needImprove paper qualityDrying solid materials with heatDrying gas arrangementsAuto regulationEngineering
A computer controlled power saving automatic zoned dryer for a printing press has a dryer head facing the substrate travel path, having a multiplicity of IR lamps connected individually or in groups to form a plurality of heating zones running longitudinally and each extending laterally side by side across the substrate travel path. The radiant heat output of each heating zone is controlled separately by means of a control unit connected to a power supply. The control unit individually regulates output of the heating zones. Unneeded zones are turned off to reduce cost of power and conserve energy. A plurality of heat sensors spaced laterally across the substrate path measure the surface temperature of substrate heated areas corresponding to the heating zones being operated and maintain an automatic set point temperature. The temperature of each individual heated area can be regulated automatically by adjusting the output of its heating zone whereby printed substrates having a more even temperature profile are delivered. In an alternate manual mode any zone can be set independently to operate at any percentage of full available power from zero to 100%. Separate high velocity air scrubbers and additional air extraction are used to enhance the total drying effect of the zoned dryer assembly.
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