Medical fermentation cylinder

A fermenter and tank technology, which is applied in the field of biological fermentation, can solve the problems of inconvenient viewing, affecting the safety of equipment use, and easy shaking of the fermenter when stirred, so as to achieve the effect of easy identification and easy removal of waste residue

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-01-27
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Problems solved by technology

Although the existing medical fermenter has realized the full computerized control of the operation, there must be some uncontrollable problems in the production process, which need to be adjusted artificially, so people need to observe the biolo...
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Method used

The present invention is by arranging on tank cover 2 the illuminating device that tank body 1 inside is illuminated and is provided with the see-through window 6 that is convenient to observe tank body 1 inside, is convenient to staff's moment to understand the production ...
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The invention discloses a medical fermentation cylinder which comprises a cylinder, a cover, a motor and a rotating shaft. The motor is positioned at the top of the cylinder. An output end of the motor is connected to the rotating shaft. The cover is provided with two openings. The cover at one of the openings is provided with an LED lamp body for lighting the inside of the fermentation cylinder; and the cover at the other opening is equipped with a perspective window. The bottom of the cylinder is provided with a slag outlet. A slag outlet valve is arranged outside the slag outlet. The outer wall of the cylinder is also provided with a signboard. By arranging the lighting device for lighting the inside of the cylinder and the perspective window for observing the inside of the cylinder on the cover, it is convenient for staff to know production situations of microbes inside the cylinder constantly, and the cylinder helps staff to make correct judgments. By arranging the slag outlet and a cleaning device, slag is convenient to remove. By arranging the signboard, it is convenient for staff to recognize.

Application Domain

Bioreactor/fermenter combinationsBiological substance pretreatments +4

Technology Topic

SlagEngineering +3


  • Medical fermentation cylinder


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Example Embodiment

[0010] Example: such as figure 1 As shown, a medical fermentation tank includes a tank body 1, a tank cover 2, a motor 3, and a rotating shaft 4. The motor 3 is located at the top of the tank body 1, and the output end of the motor 3 is connected to the rotating shaft 4. 2 is provided with two openings, one of the tank cover 2 is provided with an LED lamp body 5 for illuminating the inside of the fermentation tank, and the tank cover 2 at the other opening is provided with a see-through window 6. 1. A slag outlet 7 is opened at the lower part, and a slag outlet valve is provided outside the slag outlet 7, and an identification plate 8 is also provided on the outer wall of the tank body 1; a cleaning device is also provided at the slag outlet 7.
[0011] The present invention provides a lighting device for illuminating the inside of the tank 1 on the tank cover 2 and a see-through window 6 for observing the inside of the tank 1, which is convenient for the staff to know the production status of microorganisms in the tank 1 at all times, which is beneficial to the staff To make a correct judgment, there is a slag outlet 7 and a cleaning device to facilitate the removal of waste slag, and a sign 8 to facilitate identification by the staff.


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