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Remote check deposit

InactiveUS20060242063A1ImproveFinancePayment circuitsData fileSubstitute check
In accordance with the principles of the present invention, a system is provided for capturing a customer deposit at their place of business, converting the Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) data encoded documents into an image with an associated data file, and electronically transmit the data to a financial institution. The system allows the customer to scan each MICR encoded check that is to be deposited with their financial institution, which captures financial institution routing information and customer account information. The associated image the physical check can be franked denoting the check has been electronically processed to avoid further processing. The resulting image and account data can then be edited and processed by the financial institution. There are three options for encoding the amount: 1) the customer enters each amount after scanning the item prior to sending to the financial institution; 2) the financial institution enters the amount of each item after receiving the file from the customer; and 3) the amount field(s) is scanned and the amount is automatically entered. The system allows for both 1) online (Internet) capture of the MICR data and the associated image or 2) offline capture and the subsequent importing of the image and MICR data for transmission to the financial institution via the Internet. The financial institution can review the items captured online, and repair any item that is incorrect. The financial institution can use the system to print substitute checks that confirm to ANSI X9.90 for processing or deliver an electronic file in ANSI X9.37 format to any check processing system. The system includes secure transport over Internet connections for file transfer and dual control security to reduce fraudulent transactions from being initiated by the customer.

Self-moving belt conveyor tail

The invention relates to belt conveyor moving devices, particularly to a self-moving belt conveyor tail. The self-moving belt conveyor tail comprises a conveyor tail, a middle portion, a driving portion and a hydraulic system and is characterized by further comprising a moving oil cylinder, one end of the moving oil cylinder is hinged to the base of the driving portion, the other end of the moving oil cylinder is hinged to the middle portion, and a beam arranged on a middle portion base is connected with a conveyor tail base. The self-moving belt conveyor tail further comprises tracks which are arranged on two sides of the conveyor tail and the middle portion, and the rear ends of the tracks are connected with the base of the driving portion; the middle portion and the conveyor tail portion is provided with a lifting mechanism, the driving portion is provided with an anti-slipping fixing mechanism which can personally achieve fixation to prevent dislocation of the conveyor tail during transportation, the middle portion is provided with an offset regulating mechanism which can solve the off-tracking problem of belts, the conveyor tail is provided with a roller offset regulating mechanism which can solve the deviation of a conveyor tail roller. The self-moving belt conveyor tail can move by itself, each movement distance maximally reaches 1.8 meters, the lifting mechanism and the moving oil cylinder enable the conveyor tail and the middle portion to move along the tracks; and the tacks can smoothly move in two side tunneling directions of the conveyor tail portion.

Safe and environment-friendly tea seed washing powder and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses safe and environment-friendly tea seed washing powder and a preparation method thereof. The preparation method comprises the following steps: step 1, taking raw materials, namely, weighing the following raw materials in parts by mass: 60-70 parts of camellia seed, 15-30 parts of Chinese honey locust, 5-10 parts of cacumen biotae, 0.5-3 parts of cortex albiziae, 0.5-3 parts of pomegranate bark and 0.5-2.5 parts of natural borneol; step 2, crushing, namely, respectively crushing the weighed raw materials by using a crusher so as to obtain raw material powder; step 3, mixing, namely, mixing the raw material powder, and uniformly stirring the raw material powder; step 4, sterilizing, namely, sterilizing through ultraviolet ray or microwave, and further sealing and packaging so as to obtain the safe and environment-friendly tea seed washing powder. The safe and environment-friendly tea seed washing powder is high in active substance content, good in detergency, good in sterilizing effect, non-toxic, non-irritating, anti-anaphylaxis, low in foam and water-saving, so that the powder can be used as a safe and environment-friendly washing product which is ideal for washing food, utensils, tableware, vegetables and fruits in daily life of people.
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