Candy conveying device

A transfer device and candy technology, applied in packaging and other directions, can solve the problems of high maintenance cost, reduced production efficiency, high failure rate of sugar-packing components and compression springs, simplified mechanical mechanism, reduced accident rate, and strong market promotion. force effect

Active Publication Date: 2016-06-08
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[0004] The above-mentioned candy transfer device realizes the transfer of candy through the reciprocating rotation of the rotating shaft driving comp...
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Method used

The arranged candy enters in the rightmost transfer sugar swing arm 3 under the effect of the auxiliary mechanism, and along with the rotation of the turntable 2, when the transfer sugar swing arm 3 is positioned directly below the pushing assembly, push Bar 5 ejects the candy and enters the next process. Compared with the prior art, the transfer sugar swing...
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The invention discloses a candy conveying device. The candy conveying device comprises a rotating plate which is installed on a machine frame and can rotate around the center of itself intermittently. Four turning-connection candy swing arms are evenly distributed on the circumference of the rotating plate. Two telescopic candy clamping pieces are oppositely arranged in each turning-connection candy swing arm. A through hole is formed in the center of the rotating plate. A candy pushing assembly penetrates through the through hole to be fixedly installed on the machine frame. A push rod capable of vertically moving is arranged at the lower end of the candy pushing assembly and is opposite to the lowest turning-connection candy swing arm on the rotating plate. According to the candy conveying device, candies are conveyed through four-indexing rotation of the circumference of the turning-connection candy swing arms, the work intensity of each turning-connection candy swing arm accounts for one fourth of that in the prior art, the candy conveying device runs more stably, and the accident rate is remarkably decreased; parts of the conveying procedure and the candy pushing procedure are innovatively combined together, a mechanical mechanism is simplified, and higher marketing capacity is achieved.

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  • Candy conveying device


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Example Embodiment

[0017] The present invention will be further described below in conjunction with the drawings and specific embodiments:
[0018] Such as Figure 1 to Figure 4 As shown, the candy transfer device for candy inner box packaging equipment of the present invention includes a rack 1 for installing various components. The rack 1 is equipped with a turntable 2, the turntable 2 and a motor 9, so that it can intermittently surround its center. Each time it rotates, the angle of rotation is 90°; four sugar transfer arms 3 are evenly distributed on the circumference of the turntable 2, and each transfer sugar swing arm 3 is provided with two retractable sugar holding parts 4 oppositely. The sugar holding part 4 is provided with grooves matching the shape of the candy 10, and the grooves on the sugar holding parts 4 opposite to each other on the sugar swing arm 3 are arranged opposite to each other. Specifically, the sugar holding parts 4 are connected to each other through an elastic element. The sugar receiving swing arm 3 is connected. In this embodiment, the elastic element is a spring.
[0019] The frame 1 is also installed with a push-out assembly for pushing out the candy 10 in the transfer sugar swing arm 3. The push-out assembly includes a push rod 5, a fixing member 6, a cylinder 7 and a limit post 8. The center of the turntable 2 There is a through hole through which the fixing member 6 is fixed on the frame 1. When the turntable 2 rotates, the push-boring assembly does not rotate; the cylinder 7 and the limit post 8 are both installed on the fixing member 6, and the push rod 5 is installed on the output end of the cylinder 7, opposite to the transfer sugar swing arm 3 on the turntable 2, and the limit column 8 is placed horizontally between the push rod 5 and the cylinder 7; the push rod 5 can act as the cylinder 7 Move up and down to push out the candy 10 clamped by the sugar holding member 4 in the lowermost transfer sugar swing arm 3, and the limit post 8 is used to limit the reset push rod 5.
[0020] The arranged candies enter the right-most transfer sugar swing arm 3 under the action of the auxiliary mechanism. As the turntable 2 rotates, when the transfer sugar swing arm 3 is located directly under the push-for-enameling assembly, the push rod 5 will move The candy is ejected into the next process. Compared with the prior art, the transfer sugar swing arm in this scheme completes the transfer of the candy through the four-division circular rotation, and its operation is more stable, and the accident rate of the transfer sugar swing arm is Significantly lower; and creatively combine the parts that realize the transfer process and the evasive process, simplify the mechanical mechanism, and have a stronger marketing force.
[0021] Those of ordinary skill in the art will realize that the embodiments described here are to help readers understand the principles of the present invention, and it should be understood that the protection scope of the present invention is not limited to such special statements and embodiments. Those of ordinary skill in the art can make various other specific modifications and combinations that do not depart from the essence of the present invention based on the technical enlightenment disclosed in the present invention, and these modifications and combinations still fall within the protection scope of the present invention.


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