Projector with bulb detached laterally

A technology of projectors and light bulbs, applied in optics, instruments, projection devices, etc., can solve the problems of falling into eyes or other parts of the body, harming the safety of operators, etc., and achieve the effect of avoiding falling or losing and facilitating maintenance

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Problems solved by technology

This design will cause some troubles when the maintenance personnel work. If the projector is operated upside down, the debris inside the lamp assembly (the lamp ...
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Method used

Accompanying drawing 3 is the structural representation of the embodiment of the present invention 3, according to above-mentioned a kind of side to dismantle bulb projector, connect with hinge 14 between projector 7 and bulb cover 1; Can avoid bulb cover to disassemble The problem of falling or losing after being dropped.
According to a kind of side-dismantling bulb projector described in embodiment 1, a safety switch 11 is provided on the projector 7, a safety switch push rod 12 is provided on the bulb cover plate 1, and the switch is connected when the bulb assembly 3 is i...
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A projector with a bulb detached laterally comprises a bulb cover plate, cover plate screws, a bulb assembly, a handle, assembly fixing screws, a bulb power socket and a projector body. The projector is characterized in that the side face of the projector body is provided with a side open hole, the bulb power socket is arranged in the side open hole, the bulb assembly is inserted in the side open hole in the side face, the bulb assembly and the projector body are connected through the assembly fixing screws, the bulb assembly is provided with heat dissipation holes, locating pillars, a power plug and the handle, the bulb is arranged in the bulb assembly, the bulb cover plate is arranged on the side open hole, buckles are arranged on the bulb cover plate, and the bulb cover plate is fixed to the projector body through the cover plate screws. The projector has the advantages that a bulb opening is formed in the side edge of the projector body, so that maintenance of the bulb assembly and replacement of the bulb are realized conveniently, and it is avoided that bulb fragments and foreign matter harm maintenance personnel.

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Foreign matterOpen hole +2


  • Projector with bulb detached laterally
  • Projector with bulb detached laterally
  • Projector with bulb detached laterally


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Example Embodiment

[0016] Example 1
[0017] A side-removable bulb projector of the present invention includes a bulb cover 1, a cover screw 2, a bulb component 3, a handle 4, a component fixing screw 5, a bulb power socket 6, a projector 7, and the side of the projector 7 has The side opening 8 is equipped with a light bulb power socket 6; there is a side opening 8 inside the bulb assembly 3, which can be inserted or pulled out; the bulb assembly 3 and the projector 7 are connected with the assembly fixing screw 5, the bulb assembly 3 There are heat dissipation holes 9, positioning posts 13, power plugs and handles 4; there is a bulb in the bulb assembly 3. After the bulb assembly 3 is inserted into the side opening 8, the power plug is simultaneously inserted into the bulb power socket 6; there is a bulb on the side opening 8 Cover 1, the lamp cover 1 has a buckle 10, the buckle 10 clamps the lamp cover 1 on the projector and fixes it with the cover screw 2.

Example Embodiment

[0018] Example 2
[0019] According to a side-removable bulb projector described in embodiment 1, a safety switch 11 is provided on the projector 7, and a safety switch lever 12 is provided on the bulb cover 1. The switch is turned on when the bulb assembly 3 is inserted, and the projection The projector can work normally. When the lamp assembly 3 is pulled out, the switch is disconnected, and all the power in the projector is cut off to prevent electric shock accidents.

Example Embodiment

[0020] Example 3
[0021] Attached image 3 It is a schematic structural diagram of Embodiment 3 of the present invention. According to the above-mentioned side-removable lamp projector, the projector 7 and the lamp cover 1 are connected by a hinge 14; this can prevent the lamp cover from being dropped or lost after being removed problem.
[0022] To sum up, the lamp opening of the present invention is placed on the side of the projector, maintenance personnel can stand on the side to perform disassembly and assembly operations, conveniently realize the maintenance of the lamp assembly and lamp replacement, and avoid the hazards of lamp debris and foreign objects. Maintenance personnel.


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