Fast-cooling rose refreshing pill

A rose and fresh technology, applied in the direction of deodorization, disinfection, etc., can solve the problems of human allergies, inability to quickly reduce indoor temperature, pollute the environment, etc., and achieve the effect of reducing indoor temperature

Inactive Publication Date: 2017-05-31
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Problems solved by technology

[0002] Solid fresheners release substances into the air to remove irritating gases, musty and other unpleasant smells in the room, but the ingredients of popular fresheners on the market are mostly composed of ether and aromatic essences. After the components are released into the air, they will decompose and deteriorate, which is a pollutant in itself
Different air fresheners have different flavors and tastes, but they are very ha...
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Method used

Chinese medicine extract, thickener, tensio-active agent, deodorant and bactericidal disinfectant are stirred while mixing with components such as water, water and thickener form solid jelly, and this jelly will Chinese medicine Extracts, deodorants and bactericidal disinfectants are contained in it. When the solid jelly is placed in the air, as the water in it volatilizes, the volume slowly shrinks, and t...
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The invention relates to a fast-cooling rose refreshing pill which includes 65-80% of a thickener, 8-10% of a germicidal disinfectant, 5-8% of a deodorant, 3-5% of a surfactant, 3-8% of a pigment, 1-5% of Chinese herbal extract and balance of water, and the Chinese herbal extract comprises Eucalyptus leaves and rose. The fast-cooling rose refreshing pill can effectively absorb and disperse smoke smell, musty odor and other unpleasant smell, also can quickly reduce indoor temperature, and has rose fragrance to make people feel pleasant.

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Example Embodiment

[0009] The present invention is a fast cooling rose refreshing pill, which includes 65-80% thickener, 8-10% sterilization and disinfectant, 5-8% deodorant, 3-5% surfactant, 3-8% pigment and 1 -5% traditional Chinese medicine extract, the rest is water, the thickener is composed of starch and gelatin, the ratio of the two is 1:1; the disinfectant is chlorine dioxide; the deodorant is linalool , The linalool is a ginger extract; the surfactant is a fatty acid glyceride; the pigment is a caramel pigment;
[0010] The traditional Chinese medicine extract is composed of eucalyptus leaves and roses. The method for extracting the traditional Chinese medicine extracts is to first mix the eucalyptus leaves and the roses in a ratio of 2:1, then grind and extract, and the temperature is always kept at 20-30°C;
[0011] The above percentages are mass percentages.
[0012] Mix the traditional Chinese medicine extract, thickener, surfactant, deodorant and disinfectant with water and other components while stirring. The water and the thickener form a solid jelly. This jelly combines the traditional Chinese medicine extract, Deodorants and disinfectants are contained in them. When the solid jelly is placed in the air, its volume will gradually shrink with the volatilization of water, and the extracts of traditional Chinese medicine, deodorants and disinfectants will also slowly disperse into the air. , Remove all kinds of irritating food odors in the kitchen, dispel smoke, musty and other unpleasant odors in bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms. It is also suitable for offices and some poorly ventilated places to keep the air fresh, so as to achieve The air is fragrant and fresh.
[0013] In addition, the traditional Chinese medicine extract can quickly reduce the indoor temperature, and has a rose fragrance, which makes people feel pleasant.


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