Packaging box bracket self-adaptive trundle overturning mechanism

A technology of turning over mechanism and packing box, applied in the direction of external accessories, etc., to achieve the effect of low cost, strong generalization and simple operation

Active Publication Date: 2018-04-06
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[0005] The technical problem to be solved by the present invention is: how to design a packing case bracket self-adaptive cast...
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The invention relates to a packaging box bracket self-adaptive trundle overturning mechanism and relates to the technical field of packaging. According to the packaging box bracket self-adaptive trundle overturning mechanism provided by the invention, the up-down adjustment function is achieved while trundles can be overturned, a packaging box bracket can be supported and locked in any ground environment through a bracket, thus, loading and unloading operation of equipment in packaging boxes can be conducted in any complex ground environment, and the flexibility is improved. The overturning mechanism is small in size, the overall size of the packaging boxes is not increased, operation is simple and can be conducted by hands without any tool, and the overturning mechanism is simple in structure, high in universality, low in cost and high in practicability and can be widely used.

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External fittings

Technology Topic

Self adaptiveEngineering +1


  • Packaging box bracket self-adaptive trundle overturning mechanism
  • Packaging box bracket self-adaptive trundle overturning mechanism
  • Packaging box bracket self-adaptive trundle overturning mechanism


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Example Embodiment

[0016] In order to make the purpose, content, and advantages of the present invention clearer, the specific embodiments of the present invention will be described in further detail below in conjunction with the accompanying drawings and embodiments.
[0017] Such as Figure 1-Figure 2 As shown, the adaptive caster turning mechanism consists of operating hand wheel 1, adjusting rod 2, mechanism mounting seat 3, rotating shaft mounting seat 4, tension spring 5, caster 7, caster mounting seat 8, spring fixing screw 9, rotating shaft 10, screw 11 and a lock nut 12, the entire turning mechanism is fixed on the front end of the bracket 6 by screws 11; the caster 7 and the caster mounting seat 8 are welded into one body, and are connected together by the rotating shaft 10, the rotating shaft mounting seat 4 and the adjusting rod 2 pass The nuts 12 are fixed together, and the operating hand wheel 1 and the adjusting rod 2 are connected together by keys.
[0018] The adjusting rod 2 has a thread, and the matching mechanism mounting seat 3 is provided with threaded holes; the mechanism mounting seat 3 is provided with a slideway (such as figure 1 As shown in (b)), the rotating shaft mounting seat 4 matched with it is provided with a protruding slider; the tension spring 5 is fixed on the rotating shaft mounting seat 4 by a spring fixing screw 9.
[0019] When assembling the mechanism, first fix the mechanism mounting base 3 to the front end of the bracket 6 with screws 11, and at the same time follow figure 1 Assemble the shaft mounting seat 4, the tension spring 5, the casters 7, the caster mounting seat 8, the spring fixing screw 9 and the shaft 10 together, and then move the shaft mounting seat 4 upward along the lowest end of the mechanism mounting seat 3; rotation operation With the hand wheel 1, the adjusting rod 2 passes through the holes in the mechanism mounting seat 3 and the shaft mounting seat 4, and the lock nut 12 is used to lock it.
[0020] During storage and transportation, the turning mechanism is stowed horizontally, and the caster 7 is in a horizontal state under the action of the spring force of the tension spring 5, such as figure 1 Shown.
[0021] When using, first turn the caster 7 down 90° along the shaft 10 to make it in a vertical state (such as figure 2 As shown), then rotate the handwheel 1 left and right, and drive the raised slider on the shaft mounting seat 4 through the adjustment lever 2 to slide up and down along the slideway provided on the mechanism mounting seat 3 (the raised slide block on the shaft mounting seat 4 Cooperate along the slideway on the mechanism mounting seat 3, and at the same time limit the degree of freedom of the caster shaft mounting seat 3, the caster 7 and the caster mounting seat 8 in other directions), make the caster 7 touch the ground, and then carry out the equipment loading and unloading operations. After the operation is completed, push the bracket 6 into the packing box. After the bracket 6 is in place, turn the caster 7 upward along the rotating shaft 10 by 90° to make it in a horizontal state.
[0022] The above are only the preferred embodiments of the present invention. It should be pointed out that for those of ordinary skill in the art, without departing from the technical principles of the present invention, several improvements and modifications can be made. These improvements and modifications It should also be regarded as the protection scope of the present invention.


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