Distinguishing method of maturity degrees of tobaccos based on image analysis

A discrimination method and image analysis technology, applied in image analysis, analysis materials, image enhancement, etc., can solve the problems of tobacco leaf damage, high cost, complicated operation, etc., and achieve the effect of fast discrimination, high convenience and high efficiency.

Pending Publication Date: 2018-06-22
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Judging from the current research status of tobacco leaf maturity detection technology at home and abroad, there is no fast, intuitive and operable technical method in the field. The current problems can be summarized as follows: The visual inspection method is too general and abstract, and there are ambiguity, experience and su...
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The invention discloses a distinguishing method of maturity degrees of tobaccos based on image analysis. The distinguishing method comprises the following detailed steps: (1) classifying tobaccos of different maturity degrees through professional staffs; (2) acquiring different maturity degree images of the tobaccos; (3) acquiring tobacco images and performing normalization on the images; (4) performing normalization on the acquired tobacco images by utilizing an image analysis method; (5) extracting values of three components R, G and B of the images; (6) building maturity degree estimation parameters, screening characteristic parameters of existing known colors and a series of self-built characteristic parameters, and screening the all characteristic parameters by utilizing a person relevant analysis method; (7) acquiring an M value from the images, and judging a maturity degree value through contrasting maturity degree grading table; and (8), realizing image reading and maturity degree output through a phone app and computer software.

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Image enhancementImage analysis +1

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Image analysisComputer vision +6


  • Distinguishing method of maturity degrees of tobaccos based on image analysis
  • Distinguishing method of maturity degrees of tobaccos based on image analysis
  • Distinguishing method of maturity degrees of tobaccos based on image analysis


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Example Embodiment

[0021] In order to make the content of the present invention easier to understand clearly, the technical solutions in the embodiments of the present invention will be described clearly and completely in conjunction with the accompanying drawings in the embodiments of the present invention.
[0022] 1. Manually screen tobacco leaves of different maturity and classify them ( figure 2 ). The maturity is divided into immature, under-ripe, still-ripe, mature, fully-ripe and over-ripe, and is further divided into 10 levels.
[0023] 2. Extract the color characteristic values ​​of tobacco leaves.
[0024] 3. After screening several characteristic parameters, the final screening maturity parameter is: MT=(B-R)/(B-G).
[0025] 4. The maturity values ​​of the 10 levels are shown in Table 1. As the maturity level increases, the maturity shows an increasing trend. In the actual process of judging the maturity, you can judge as follows: MT <0.2 is immature 1, 0.2 <0.35 is immature 2, 0.2 <0.35 is immature 2, 0.35 <0.47 is still cooked, 0.47 <0.59 is mature 1, 0.59 <0.70 is mature 2, 0.7 <0.79 ​​is fully cooked 1, 0.90 <1.01 is the end 2, 1.01 <1.12 is over-ripe 1, 1.01 <1.12 is overcooked 2.
[0026] Table 1 Maturity extraction value
[0029] 5. Use image analysis methods to extract the R, G, and B values ​​of the color image, and calculate the MT value, compare with Table 1, and output the maturity.
[0030] The above descriptions are only the preferred embodiments of the patent for the present invention, and are not intended to limit the patent for the present invention. Any modification, equivalent replacement and improvement made within the spirit and principle of the patent for the present invention shall be included in this patent. Within the scope of protection of invention patents.


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