Information issuing device and method

An information release, network computer technology, applied in the field of information release devices, can solve the problems of waste of energy consumption, inability to remotely release, impossible to carry, etc., and achieve the effect of broad popularization and application value, easy and intuitive acquisition, and saving manpower and material resources.

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[0003] 1. It needs to occupy a certain amount of space, and its installation and removal are more complicated, have a greater impact on the environment, and are not portable;
[0004] 2. Generally equipped with signal lines or local storage devices, the content played is relatively fixed
The update signal source is a computer or a storage device, which cannot be updated remotely (such as in a different place), let alone real-time update, and the information source cannot be a mobile terminal;
[0005] 3. The signals sent are generally text, image, and video information, and cannot be notified by ...
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The invention discloses an information issuing device and an information issuing method. The information issuing device comprises a smart phone, a network computer, a network bases station, an information issuing unit and a display device; the smart phone and the network computer are connected to the information issuing unit via the network base station; and the information issuing unit is connected to the display device. In comparison with the prior art, the information issuing device provided by the invention has functions of acquiring user's information through various modes, displaying theinformation in real time and the like; and the information issuing device is more user-friendly in design, and the information issuing device is convenient to carry and easy to operate. Under the precondition of greatly saving manpower and material resources, an information issuer can delivery information more rapidly and conveniently, and meanwhile, an object of information issuing can acquire the information more conveniently and intuitively; a problem that important information misses can be avoided; the information issuing device is applicable to public occasions of mass flow and discreteflow; and the information issuing device has quite broad values of application and promotion.

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  • Information issuing device and method
  • Information issuing device and method


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[0029] The present invention will be further explained below in conjunction with the drawings:
[0030] Such as figure 1 As shown: the information issuing device of the present invention includes a smart phone, a network computer, a network base station, an information issuing device, and a display. The mobile phone and the network computer are connected to the information issuing device through the network base station, and the information The publishing device is connected to the display.
[0031] The information publishing system takes the information publishing device as the core structure, and the network computer and smart phone are optional signal sources. The smart phone should install the corresponding APP software to facilitate the transmission of information to the information publishing device.
[0032] Such as figure 2 Shown: The information release device is composed of function button area, adjustable projection mirror, prism, through-projection liquid crystal, pyroelectric induction unit, voice recognition unit, dichroic mirror, halide lamp, shielding partition, and composite power supply unit , Main control unit and protocol network unit. The present invention can directly perform voice release locally or remotely, and instantly convert it into text for display, and has the fastest release speed. At the same time, it is compatible with conventional information release means, and meets the frequent and convenient information update. And real-time.
[0033] The information publishing device and method of the present invention include the following steps:
[0034] Step 1: Integrate the optical components and the display projection unit of the control part into one. When the content of the display projection unit changes, the projected content will change accordingly;
[0035] Step 2: The hardware design of the control part includes: main control unit, display unit, protocol network unit, voice unit, storage unit, drive unit and power supply unit;
[0036] Step 3: The main control unit mainly completes data processing, error correction, verification, and transmission functions, and the display projection unit mainly completes the driving display function, putting all the information that users need to publish, and zooming in and mapping the content to the designated location in the form of light; The protocol network unit mainly completes the network data protocol conversion. The unit supports P2P and TCP, and is equipped with a wireless and wired internet interface; the voice unit is used to obtain the publisher’s voice message and recognize it. The recognition information will be transmitted to The main control unit, the voice unit supports non-specific human voice recognition; the storage unit is mainly used to store text libraries, sound samples, pictures and other information; the pyroelectric unit can determine whether the moving object is the human body itself, and provide support for the startup of the display device ; The drive unit completes the switch control of the mechanical and optical part of the device; the power supply unit is used to complete the energy supply to other units;
[0037] Step 4: Obtain the information that the user wants to publish locally by voice, and send the information to the main controller; the Ethernet module is used to connect the device to the Internet, and then the system can be accessed through the mobile terminal; the power management module is used to Power supply for all modules in the system;
[0038] Step 5: The user can view the actual content of the current publishing system through the host computer interface, and set functions such as timing display.
[0039] The present invention has three ways to release information. One is local release, that is, the publisher uses the voice unit of the device to directly perform voice release locally; the second is terminal release, that is, the publisher uses a mobile phone to perform voice release; the third is PC release, where the publisher uses a PC connected to the Internet, The specially developed host computer releases text, symbols and pictures. Finally, the information is projected in the form of words, symbols or pictures at a designated location where the crowd is relatively concentrated.
[0040] After the information is released, there are also multiple display schemes: one is to display repeatedly in a loop; the other is to play at regular intervals; the third is to play with infrared trigger. The publisher can reasonably arrange the information release time according to the space and time requirements. It is also possible to choose whether to stamp the information when it is released. When the amount of information is too large, the display will scroll.
[0041] Such as figure 2 Shown: The main controller selects the STM32F103 microprocessor, the voice unit is based on the LARK7618 module, the protocol network unit is based on the HLK-RM04 module, the display unit selects a seven-inch TFT full screen, and the power supply unit is converted step by step through AC. Supply 36V, 12V, 5V, 3.3V.
[0042] The upper computer software is written by Microsoft Visual Studio, which realizes local information release and monitoring operations.
[0043] With the help of single-chip microcomputer technology, projection technology, VS upper computer technology and voice recognition technology, the system provides a new way of publishing and displaying based on the Internet, and realizes the intelligent control of equipment. Due to the high-precision control, the invention has high reliability, and due to the simple material and low price, the system has high cost performance, simple operation and easy control.
[0044] The above shows and describes the basic principles and main features of the present invention and its advantages. Those skilled in the industry should understand that the present invention is not limited by the foregoing embodiments. The foregoing embodiments and descriptions only illustrate the principles of the present invention. Without departing from the spirit and scope of the present invention, the present invention may have Various changes and improvements, these changes and improvements fall within the scope of the claimed invention. The scope of protection claimed by the present invention is defined by the appended claims and their equivalents.


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