Ceramic infiltrating irrigation integral pipeline

A technology of seepage irrigation and pipelines, which is applied in the field of ceramic seepage irrigation integrated pipelines, can solve the problems that cannot meet the needs of diversified agricultural production, the strength is difficult to guarantee, and the water passing volume is small, so as to increase the overall bonding strength and flexural strength. , The effect of strengthening the ability of external force

Inactive Publication Date: 2020-03-27
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Problems solved by technology

[0004] In view of the above problems, the present invention first proposes a ceramic seepage irrigation integrated pipeline, which solves the problems of the current ceramic ...
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Method used

It can be known from the above table that: the ceramic infiltration irrigation structure made by this method has been greatly improved in bending resistance, impact resistance and shear strength than the original patch structure, and the patch and frame The bonding between the structures has also increased by more than 30%, and the overall performance is good. At the same time, the novel ceramic seepage-irrigation integrated pipeline of the present invention adopts a porous ceramic water-seepage sheet, which has a uniform structure, good spatial connectivity, and an average pore diameter of 5-10 μm, which can not only provide channels for water flow, but also intercept water flow. The role of solid impurities improves the anti-blocking performance. When in use, the raw material formula of the ceramic water seepage patch can be adjusted according to the planting distance, root distribution, and water demand of the crops. The structural parameters of the rectangular slots on each side of the three-dimensional frame, three-dimensional The adjustment of the number of water passing surfaces of the frame, the spacing of different water passing parts and the diameter of pipes is used to meet the needs of different crops.
Technological principle of the present invention is: novel ceramic permeation and irrigation integrat...
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The invention discloses a ceramic infiltrating irrigation integral pipeline which comprises an infiltrating irrigation part, wherein the infiltrating irrigation part is connected between two sectionsof pipelines; water passing through the pipelines flows out from the infiltrating irrigation part; the infiltrating irrigation part comprises a stereoscopic frame; the stereoscopic frame is internallyhollow; circular grooves are formed in two opposite surfaces of the stereoscopic frame to sleeve the pipelines and be connected with the pipelines; rectangular grooves into which ceramic water infiltration pastes are embedded by using a hot melting technique are formed in the rest four surfaces; and an annular support rack is arranged inside the stereoscopic frame and is used for supporting the ceramic water infiltration pastes. By adopting the novel ceramic infiltrating irrigation integral pipeline, a conventional single paste structure which is pasted to a pipeline is changed into a stereoscopic structure which is connected with the pipelines through the frame, stress force is partially cancelled out by mutually symmetric structures, the overall stress of the structure is reduced, the external force resistance is improved, and the bending resistance, the shearing resistance and the impact resistance can be improved.

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Watering devicesCultivating equipments

Technology Topic

Agricultural engineeringEnvironmental geology +4


  • Ceramic infiltrating irrigation integral pipeline
  • Ceramic infiltrating irrigation integral pipeline
  • Ceramic infiltrating irrigation integral pipeline


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Example Embodiment

[0024] Example 1:
[0025] Follow the above technical solutions, such as Figure 1 to Figure 7 As shown, this embodiment provides a ceramic infiltration and irrigation integrated pipeline. The pipeline is an integrated structure. The main components include a water-passing pipeline 1, a three-dimensional frame 2, and a ceramic water-permeable patch 3. The frame 2 is located outside the pipe 1, and the ceramic water-permeable patch 3 is located inside the frame 2.
[0026] The two ends of the frame 2 are connected with the pipe 1, the water flows through the pipe 1 and then flows through the frame 2, then flows around the frame 2, and diffuses outward through the ceramic water-permeable patch 3.
[0027] Each surface of the frame 2 is opened into a rectangular slot 4, and the length, width, and height of the rectangular slot 4 are the same as the length, width, and thickness of the ceramic water-permeable patch 3.
[0028] The ring bracket 5 is located inside the frame, at the lower part of the rectangular cavity 4.
[0029] The ceramic water-permeable patch 3 and the frame 2 are connected by hot-melt technology, and are fixed by an annular bracket 5. The water flows from the pipe into the frame and then passes through the ring bracket 5 and then flows around through the ceramic water-permeable patch 3 for irrigation.
[0030] The patch in the ceramic infiltration and irrigation integrated pipeline of the present invention is closely connected with the frame and the pipeline, and the structural coordination of each component is improved, which can solve the problem of water leakage caused by insufficient sealing. At the same time, the internal structure of the frame is a rectangular groove and porous ceramic patch It is also rectangular, and its length, width, and height are the same as those of the cavity inside the frame. There are openings around the frame, and the patch sees water to the outside through porous ceramic water permeable sheets in four directions, which solves the problem of small water volume and inability to guarantee strength. In addition, the ceramic patch of the present invention can be manufactured by adjusting the raw material formula, that is, changing the ratio of various components in the raw material, thereby changing the open porosity and linear shrinkage rate of the structure, and then obtaining different strengths and flow rates to adapt to Different crop needs meet the needs of diversified agricultural development.


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