Inductive interactive education method and system

A technology of interactive education and education mode, applied in the field of induction interactive education methods and systems, to achieve the effect of improving interest

Inactive Publication Date: 2021-06-25
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[0005] In view of this, the present invention provides a method and system for inductive interactive education, which can fully interact with children, arouse children's interest in learning, thereby improvin...
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[0100] In this description, each embodiment is described in a progressive manner, and each embodiment focuses on the difference from other embodiments, and the same and similar parts between the various embodiments can be referred to each o...
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The invention discloses an induction interactive education method, which is applied to the technical field of infant education, and comprises the following specific steps: acquiring a first signal, and displaying at least one education mode according to the first signal; determining the education mode, and obtaining a second signal; interacting with a user according to the second signal, and executing an operation by the user; and comparing an operation result of the user, and displaying a scoring grade. According to the induction interactive education method and system disclosed by the invention, in the whole process, a user performs operation through gestures, touch and voice and can obtain corresponding score feedback, so that an infant is encouraged, and the interest of the infant is improved.

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Input/output for user-computer interactionData processing applications +5

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Interactive educationEducational patterns +5


  • Inductive interactive education method and system
  • Inductive interactive education method and system
  • Inductive interactive education method and system


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Example Embodiment

[0082] Example 2 disclosed an induction interactive education system, such as Figure 5 As shown, including:
[0083] The first acquisition module, obtain the first signal;
[0084] Display modules show at least one education model;
[0085] The second acquisition module, acquires the second signal, enters education mode; in which education models include, but are not limited to: game mode, reading mode, and chat mode;
[0086] Education mode interactive module, select different interaction channels according to different education modes, user perform operations; education interactive modules include: first interactive module, second interactive module, and third interactive module; first interactive module, second interactive module and The output of the third interactive module is connected to the evaluation module, respectively;
[0087] The evaluation module is scored according to user operations, and the score level is displayed.
[0088] Such as Figure 6 As shown, the first interaction module includes:
[0089] User information acquisition unit, get the facial attitude of the game role and the body attitude of the game role;
[0090] Operating the mapping unit, performs operations according to the user operating mapping game role.
[0091] Such as Figure 7 As shown, the second interaction module includes:
[0092] The user sound acquisition unit is used to collect the user's follow-up voice and determine the volume value of the voice;
[0093] Core the volume matching unit, the volume value of the recipient is matched to the preset follow-up volume range;
[0094] Similarity comparison units will follow the voice, similarity to the sample voice voice in the sample quotation, determine the tonic information to read the voice.
[0095] Such as Figure 8 As shown, the third interaction module includes:
[0096] User chat information acquisition unit, used to obtain user chat information, chat information is voice, text or gestures;
[0097] The pretreatment unit, the word is obtained, and the keyword / key field contained therein is;
[0098] Query matching unit, query the matching feedback field in the knowledge base according to the obtained keyword;
[0099] Feedback units, used to feed back logical behavior in the feedback field and the knowledge base in the Knowledge Base, or arrange feedback between the similarity order between the problems stored in the question and answer library.


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