Tire pattern depth rapid measurement device and calculation method

A technology of tire pattern and measuring device, which is applied in the field of tire pattern measurement, can solve problems such as difficult glass protection, inconvenient maintenance, and complicated calculation methods, and achieve the effect of high-precision tire pattern measurement

Pending Publication Date: 2021-09-24
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Problems solved by technology

However, most of the current triangulation equipment is directly irradiated by lasers, so the volume is relatively large, the height is high, the wheels are inconvenient to go up and down, or grooves need to be opened on the ground, and maintenance is relatively inconvenient
At present, there are also similar optical reentry stru...
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Method used

When in use, the camera is calibrated by calibration method, and the external parameters and internal parameters of the camera are solved; the trigger switch can be pressed when the wheel rolls through the scanning device, the inline laser is opened, and the camera is started to capture at a high speed. The laser line emitted by the word-line laser passes through the first reflector (45 degrees) from the horizontal direction to the vertical upward direction, and then the light spot falls on the tread surf...
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The invention discloses a tire pattern depth rapid measurement device, which comprises a shell, a calculation unit, a camera, a switch, a first reflecting mirror, a second reflecting mirror and a laser, and is characterized in that: the laser and the camera are horizontally arranged in the shell and are parallel to each other; and the first reflecting mirror and the second reflecting mirror are respectively arranged at positions opposite to the laser and the camera, the angle between the first reflecting mirror and the horizontal direction is 45 degrees and is not changed, the angle between the second reflecting mirror and the horizontal direction is adjustable between 50 degrees and 80 degrees, the shell is provided with a window above the first reflecting mirror, a switch is arranged at the upper part of the shell and is positioned in front of the window, the calculation unit is in communication connection with the camera and the laser through signal lines and used for controlling the camera and the laser to work and operating data, and the switch is connected with the computing unit and used for controlling the laser and the camera to work. The position of the groove of the pattern can be accurately and effectively extracted based on a calculation method of a local threshold. The whole device has the advantages of being accurate in measurement, small in error, simple in structure and capable of greatly reducing the size of detection equipment.

Application Domain

Using optical means

Technology Topic

Erbium lasersSignal lines +5


  • Tire pattern depth rapid measurement device and calculation method
  • Tire pattern depth rapid measurement device and calculation method
  • Tire pattern depth rapid measurement device and calculation method


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Example Embodiment

[0026] Next, the technical solutions in the embodiments of the present invention will be apparent from the embodiment of the present invention, and it is clearly described, and it is understood that the described embodiments are merely embodiments of the present invention, not all of the embodiments. Based on the embodiments of the present invention, there are all other embodiments obtained without making creative labor without making creative labor premises.
[0027] In the description of the present invention, it is to be noted that the terms "upper", "lower", "within", "outside" "front end", "backend", "two end", "one end", "other end" The orientation or positional relationship of the indication is based on the orientation or positional relationship shown in the drawings, is merely described in order to facilitate the description of the present invention and simplified description, rather than indicating or implying that the device or component must have a specific orientation. The orientation structure and operation are therefore not to be understood as limiting the invention. Moreover, the term "first", "second" is used only for the purpose, and cannot be understood as an indication or implies relative importance.
[0028] In the description of the present invention, it is to be described in that, unless otherwise expressly specified and defined, the term "installation", "setting", "connection", etc., should be a generalized understanding, such as "connection", can be a fixed connection However, it is also possible to be detachable, or integrally connected; it can be a mechanical connection, or an electrical connection; may be directly connected, or the intermediate medium is indirectly coupled, can be internally internally in the two elements. The specific meaning of the above terms in the present invention will be appreciated to those skilled in the art.
[0029] A technological solution for a tire pattern depth rapid measurement device provided by the present invention:
[0030] Tire pattern depth rapid measuring device, including housing, calculation unit, camera, switch, first mirror, second mirror, and laser, said laser and camera disposed within housing, parallelism, said with laser and The relative position of the camera is provided with a first mirror and a second mirror. The first mirror and the horizontal direction are 45 degrees constant, and the second mirror is adjustable between 50-80 degrees between the horizontal direction. The outer casing is opened, and the upper portion is provided on the first mirror, and the outer casing is provided with a switch in front of the window, the computing unit communicates with the camera and the laser for controlling the camera and the laser work and the data. The switch connection calculation unit is used to control the laser, the camera works.
[0031] When using, the camera is calibrated, solve the outer parameter of the camera and the inner parameters; the wheel scroll is pressed and the trigger switch is pressed, turn on the word line laser, and start the camera high-speed capture. The word line laser emits the laser line through the first mirror (45 degrees) from the horizontal direction to a vertical upward direction, so that the spot falls in the tire pattern surface. The image of the tire pattern surface will be imaged on the camera target surface through the second mirror. The first mirror (45 degrees) causes the laser line perpendicular to the horizontal surface, the second mirror allows the camera line and the laser line to hold a certain angle of angle, so that the calculation method of triangulation measurement is accurate and simple, which can greatly reduce the height of the detection device, reduce the size, And the field of view is small, easy to design protective glass.
[0032] The tire is measured by the above device, and then the pattern depth is calculated by the following method:
[0033] The original image data i (x, y) is performed to obtain a smoothed image G (X, Y);
[0034] For any of the images (X, Y) in the image, the gradation mean M (X, Y), the variance S (X, Y), the calculation formula in which the R * R-neighborhood, the calculation formula is:
[0037] Calculate the local threshold T (X, Y) corresponding to this pixel point:
[0039] Where R is a standard deviation dynamic range (default 128), K is the value of the user-defined correction parameter K is [0, 1] (the default is 0.5);
[0040] Using a local threshold diagram with the original image to be traversed, a binarized tire tree trench target area can be obtained.
[0041] It is apparent to those skilled in the art that the present invention is not limited to the details of the exemplary embodiments, and the present invention can be implemented in other specific forms without departing from the spirit or essential characteristics of the present invention. Therefore, in any case, it should be regarded as an exemplary, and non-limiting, and the scope of the invention is defined by the appended claims. Therefore, it is intended to fall in accordance with the claims All variations in the meaning and range of equivalents are included in the present invention. Any reference numerals in the claims should not be regarded as the claims.


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