Doughnut cabinet lamp

A donut and cabinet technology, which is applied in the field of small household appliances, can solve the problems of inconvenient installation, cumbersome cabinet lights, and inability to apply various scenarios, and achieves convenient installation, outstanding modeling features, light and high Effect

Pending Publication Date: 2022-02-25
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Problems solved by technology

[0002] At present, it is difficult for people to find a cabinet light that is easy to install, small in size and widely used in the m...
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Method used

[0015] The lampshade and the bottom cover are fixed by buckles, and the bottom cover has a limit column for ensuring that the bottom cover and the lampshade are stably connected.
[0017] The bottom cover is equipped with a magnet. The bottom cover is designed with a rotating buckle, and the two buckles are symmetrically distribu...
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The invention discloses a doughnut cabinet lamp. The lamp is convenient to mount, compact in structural connection, high in lightness, convenient to use and wide in application range. The lamp comprises a bottom cover, a lampshade, a printed circuit board, a lithium battery, a touch module, a Micro USB socket and LED lamp beads. The light source is connected with the printed circuit board, the printed circuit board is connected with the power supply, the printed circuit board and the light source are installed in the bottom cover and sealed by the lampshade, and the lampshade covers the bottom cover. The lamp adopts a hollow design and has prominent modeling characteristics. Due to the design of the middle hole, the cabinet lamp can be hung on any columnar object, and the application scene of the product is greatly expanded. Meanwhile, a magnet is arranged in the product, so that the product can be conveniently adsorbed on the metal surface. Three touch mode switches are arranged on the side surface of the product. Each switch is provided with a certain recess, so that a user can quickly find the switch in a dark environment. The product can be remotely controlled by a remote controller and has the functions of adjusting brightness, modes, switches and the like.

Application Domain

Mechanical apparatusDomestic lighting +6

Technology Topic

PhysicsPrinted circuit board +7


  • Doughnut cabinet lamp
  • Doughnut cabinet lamp
  • Doughnut cabinet lamp


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Example Embodiment

[0013] Next, the donut cabinet light provided by the present invention is further detailed and completely explained in connection with the examples. The embodiments described below are exemplary and is intended to illustrate the invention, and cannot be understood to limit the invention.
[0014] A donut cabinet light, as shown, including a lamp cover 1, a printed circuit board 2, a lithium battery 3, a bottom cover 4, a built-in magnet. Among them, the lithium battery, the built-in magnet is mounted at the bottom of the bottom cover.
[0015] The lampshade is fixed with the bottom cap through the snap, the bottom cover is used to ensure that the bottom cover is stabilized with the lamp cover.
[0016] The printed circuit board is fixed with the bottom cover. The Micro USB interface on the printed circuit board is directly drawn by opening through openings, and is used to charge the battery. The printed circuit board includes LED lamp beads, infrared receivers and control chips. LED lamp beads are used in the illumination of the sweet curved cabinet lamp, uniformly arranged on the printed circuit board to ensure stability and uniform lighting. The infrared receiver is used to accept the infrared signal of the controller to realize the remote remote control of the light. Control chips are used to perform a control program. The control program includes a lighting program and a remote control program that implements the control LED lamp bead and remote infrared remote control.
[0017] The bottom cover is equipped with a magnet. The bottom cover is designed with a rotary buckle, and two snaps and center symmetrical distributions ensure that the snaps are equal, the distance is equal, ensuring the stability of the rear cover structure. Use magnet to facilitate the user to secure the cabinet light in any position. The battery is located on the slab side and is fixed with a limit baffle.
[0018] The process of the present invention is:
[0019] (1) Determine the stabilization of the upper cover 1 and the bottom cover 4.
[0020] (2) Install the cabinet light to the desired position using the magnet built into the bottom cover 4.
[0021] (3) Use and control:
[0022] Press mode: Press the first pressing panel, the LED lamp bead board passes the program, enters the working state, and the lamp beads display cold light. Press the second pressing panel, and the lamp beads show warm light. Press the third pressing panel, and the lamp beads show the warmth color laminated light. Press the fourth time, the lamp is off, and the program is restored to sleep.
[0023] Infrared control mode: The first time uses an infrared transmitter, the LED lamp bead board passes the program, enter the working state, and the lamp beads displays cold light. The second time uses an infrared transmitter, the lamp beads show warm color light, the third use of an infrared transmitter, the lamp beads show the warmth color laminated light. The fourth use of an infrared transmitter, the lamp bead is off, and the program is restored to sleep. At this point, the entire process is completed.
[0024] Finally, it will be described herein that the above embodiment is intended to be described in further detail by the technical scheme of the present invention, and is not to be understood that the scope of the present invention is limited, and those skilled in the art according to the above contents of the present invention Non-essential improvements and adjustments are the scope of the present invention.


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