Horizontal casting equipment for aluminium alloy flat ingot

A technology for hot top casting and flat ingot casting, which is applied in the field of hot top casting devices, can solve problems such as cracking, ingot surface pulling marks, aggravating the depth of ingot surface deflection, etc., and achieves hard cracks and good liquid cavity shape. Effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2004-05-19
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Problems solved by technology

The disadvantage of this kind of process equipment is that it cannot control the level of the metal liquid level in the DC crystallizer well. If the liquid level is too low, it will cause a cold barrier on the surface of the ingot, and in serious cases, aluminum leakage will occur. The depth of the surface deflection is very easy to cause the surface of the ingot to be scratched and cracked
However, this process cannot be directly used to produce slabs, because the longitudinal length of slabs i...
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The present invention includes a crystallizer mounted on the dummy head on the dummy seat, the upper portion of crystallizer is equipped with flow distribution plate which can possess hot top action. It is characterized by that the bottom portion of the described flow distribution plate is equipped with more than two fow-distributing holes correspondent to every crystallizer. The adoption of said invented equipment can produce aluminium alloy flat ingot, can solve the flow equalization problem in the course of casting process, the cast aluminium ingot does not produce crack, so that the same-level hot top casting process can be adopted in the production of aluminium alloy flat ingot.

Technology Topic

Ingot castingAluminium alloy +2


  • Horizontal casting equipment for aluminium alloy flat ingot
  • Horizontal casting equipment for aluminium alloy flat ingot
  • Horizontal casting equipment for aluminium alloy flat ingot


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Example Embodiment

[0015] Specific implementation plan
[0016] In this example, 12 crystallizers are arranged on the same mold table. The bottom of the mold table corresponds to each crystallizer with a starter head mounted on the starter seat, and the upper part of each mold is made of refractory and heat-insulating material, and The hot top 10 with a recessed splitter plate 8 has a flat cross-section of the mold, and the bottom of the hot top splitter tray is evenly provided with two split holes 11 corresponding to the longitudinal length of each flat mold. The split holes are upper and lower Large trumpet shape, this shape is more conducive to diversion.
[0017] The cooling water slit 12 on the flat crystallizer in this example is that the width of the longitudinal cooling water slit is greater than the width of the transverse cooling water slit, and its width ratio is 4/3:1. This is because the longitudinal sidewall of the slab is longer than the transverse sidewall. If the width of the horizontal cooling water gap is the same, the cooling rate of the longitudinal side wall of the slab will be lower than the cooling rate of the lateral side wall, which will affect the quality of the ingot. Therefore, providing more cooling water on the longitudinal outer wall can make the slab cross-sectional periphery The cooling rate at the place tends to be the same.
[0018] In this example, an annular graphite ring lining 9 is provided at the opening on the inner wall of the crystallizer, which can further improve the surface quality of the ingot.
[0019] According to the present invention, more than 3 shunt holes can be arranged at the bottom of the shunt plate corresponding to each crystallizer according to the shape of the cross-section of the crystallizer.


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